Monday, July 10, 2017

Que os Cuideis

Hola 馃憢馃徑

It's been another great week as a missionary in Le贸n :) not a whole
lot to report on but I'll try to include some stuff that's happened!
We are actually currently in Ponferrada for P-day and tonight and
tomorrow we have intercambios so that should be fun! And later this
week I get to go back to my birthplace, o sea, VALLADOLID and do
intercambios there
馃槏 so it's gonna be a good week!!

So the brother and sister from Honduras that I told you all about last
week??? Well, they came to church on Sunday! It was so awesome! They
really seemed to enjoy it and the members made them feel right at
home. They are timid but realize that the gospel is something good for
them and they want to learn more. We had a few lessons with them this
week and we have focused a lot on teaching them about who Jesus Christ
is and why he is so important. We watched a couple bible videos and
poco a poco they are starting to get it a little more. I really hope
they keep going with the good attitude they have cuz there is a lot of
potential with these two! Keep praying for them!

Curve ball of the week : Lina moved to the islands right off the coast
of Barcelona this week :/ she called on Monday night to give us the
news and then Thursday morning she was gone! She got offered a job and
she's been praying to find something for some time now and so she
left. It was really sad. She was crying and didn't want to leave but I
know the Lord is opening up doors for her! Overall it will be a good
change. She emailed me this morning and told me that she went to
church yesterday in the islands and met the missionaries! So she was
happy and she'll keep up the good work out there. We still have
contact with Diego and her mom so hopefully we can get out there this
week to visit them at home :)

I wanted to share something that my mom forwarded me that made me
think a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost. It was a talk from Elder
Holland at a new mission president seminar last month and he shares a
story about an elder who decided to open his mouth and follow the
promptings of the spirit. He said the following... "We are sent by God
to invite His children home. We do that through the Holy Ghost, the
Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, on the strength of the Atonement of
Jesus Christ. Welcome to the divine companionship.” I have felt many
times on my mission the guidance of the Holy Ghost and when we heed
its promptings, we are always blessed and miracles happen. I think
it's so legit how he talks about the divine companionship and to be a
part of that is quite the privilege! I loved the talk. You should go
find the article (I think it's on Deseret news) and read the whole

Things are great, 谩nimo is high, and I'm still loving every second in
Spain! I'm trying not to focus on time hahaha because there isn't much
left, but there is a lot more to be done out here in Spain. I love you
all and I'll be chatting you one last time la semana que viene :):)
have a great week!!

Con amor,
Elder Smith

Monday, July 3, 2017

Pics from this week

TThis is stefany from Valladolid! She got her call to Barcelona
during my 2nd transfer and now she is home!! I remember watching her
open her call up and it was pretty crazy to see her again in person :)

P day adventures :)

descansando un poquito, sabes?

Hood ratz

Abuela... eres una cabra!!


Nobody told us but this week the fiestas continued all week long here
in Le贸n!! I was asking people when they were going to be over and they
finally finished late last night. Someone told me "why have a party
for a few days when you can have a party for a few weeks?!" Hahaha it
was pretty awesome. But finally things are back to normal and we are
working hard and sweating while doing it :)

We managed to find a couple new investigators this week, but the
coolest ones were a brother and sister from Honduras! They've been
here for 8 months and believe in God but don't have much of a
religious background. They've read the Old Testament a couple times
but never understood what it was saying and so this week we gave them
a copy of the New Testament along with a Book of Mormon and asked them
to read and they said yes! They both agreed that when they came to
know that the message we were sharing was true that they would be
baptized! So now it's just a matter of time :) but that was a cool
experience this week. Keep them in your prayers!

Yesterday we had a noche de hogar with our recent convert Lina and her
mom and brother. We are trying really hard to get them to read in the
Book of Mormon and come to church because if they do they'll feel the
spirit and be more inclined to act on the promptings of the spirit.
Well yesterday we watched "Conozca a los Mormones" with them to give
them a feel for what we were all about and it was a huge success! The
mom absolutely loved it and Diego liked the American football part! So
hopefully that helped them a bit to realize that we are normal people
who have normal lives and jobs and believe in Christ as well :)
they're a great family!! And when I watched the part of the missionary
leaving home I got the chills so hard... pretty sure that was me like
yesterday... what the heck happened to all the time?!

I'm happy, healthy, and loving the remaining time I have as a full
time representative of Jesus Christ. I know this is His church and He
directs the work here on the earth. I am giving it all I can every day
to leave no gas left in the tank, or as dad would say, LEAVE IT ALL
BETWEEN THE LINES! I love you all and I want to thank you for your
support, I'll talk to you more next week!! Oh, and happy birthday to
America ma帽ana 馃嚭馃嚫馃崏⚾️馃巻馃挋馃嚭馃嚫

Con Amor,
Elder Brady Smith

Monday, June 26, 2017

Video of Leon

Streets of Leon

Pics from this week

scripture study in the park


My boy Pepe 


Elder Moreno

Homies!! 馃檪

Another week down, and I can't believe how fast this one went. It was eventful too so hopefully this email doesn't bore you all to death :) s/o to those who actually read this still. You guys are awesome. 

This was a week full of lasts... and it was pretty sad :( I had my last interview with president pack, last Zone Conference, and gave my last testimony! I guess everyone gets to that time in their missions though when things just start to wind down. I LOVED ZONE CONFERENCE! It was one of the best ones I think I've ever had during my time here. President pack is such a machine J he invited us to go into the homes of members and teach them the restoration in 4 minutes, but teach it like we were sharing a story instead of teaching a lesson. He promised us that the members would jump on board and have more ganas to share it with their friends. Let's just say that when we finished sharing it the first time, the spirit was SOOOOOO strong. All the members were dead silent in the house and thanked us so much for bringing a good spirit into their homes. They even started blurting out names of friends that they wanted to hear the lesson! It was such a miracle! President is an inspired dude. I love him so much. In my interview, we talked about lots of stuff for the future like temple, scripture study, and even dating and marriage haha. Definitely don't feel prepared for that but it was good. So now I just gotta sprint to the finish line!! 

The past weekend here in Le贸n was ZOINKERS! There's this party called San Juan or something like that and it's where people just go absolutely insane. Literally the biggest party of the whole year and it happened this weekend. There were beer booths, flea markets, bull fights, concerts and giant stages, bonfires, tons of drunk people, and lots of other stuff. Le贸n is such a party city hahaha so it didn't really help with the work aspect but it was definitely cool to see a city literally come to life. Elder Palacios and I were joking that Babylonia was being brought back hahaha :) I love the Spanish culture but am sure glad to not be a part of it! We saw so many bar fights and people throwing up from so much alcohol and it just makes me happy to have the standards that we have as Latter Day Saints. It really made me think of what it means to be in the world but not of the world as the scriptures say. 

I did intercambios with Elder Moreno who is like one of my best buddies in the mission and he is going home with me on the same day so we got a celebratory MTN DEW from the American store and drank to our last zone conference, interviews, and testimonies. It was totally awesome hahaha. He's a good chaval :) 

Saturday night we got a call from one of our Dominican buddies named Pepe wanting to know if we wanted to play basketball with him. The party was just getting started so we decided to avoid the drunks and ball out. Nobody showed up for a while but PEPE BROUGHT HIS 2 BASEBALL GLOVES AND A SOFTBALL AND WE PLAYED CATCH 馃槱馃槏 he was a super good pitcher in the Dominican Republic but hurt his shoulder so now he can't throw anymore but we played catch for like 45 minutes. It was heavenly hahaha. Then we taught him the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon and he is actually really interested in finding a church with good principles and standards! So that was fun to teach a court side lesson in street clothes :) after a while of chatting with him, like 10 more Dominicans rolled up and we played pick up ball with them and I absolutely destroyed them with my dope nasty jumper so they were hyped that a white boy could play 馃槑 we got all their numbers and one of them is even a pastor for a Christian church! They wanna ball and talk more about Jesus another day so I'm definitely down for that :) hopefully something comes out of it! 

This week I reflected a lot on the sweet and simple things of this church. I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel in these latter days and the commandments that protect us and bless us. Everyone we talk to always has such a negative opinion on the "Mormon rules" but I know that when we follow the counsel that we have been given, we will be protected and blessed. I'm thankful for the prophet Joseph Smith and his willingness to act on spiritual promptings. I'm thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ for being the perfect example to me and to all of us. I would be so lost without all these beautiful principles and doctrines in my life, and I absolutely love being able to share them with the people in Spain every day! Thanks for the support and prayers, they never go unnoticed! Hasta la pr贸xima muchachos J

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Pics from this week

Elder Palaciooooooooooos

Plaza Panorama

We had our death meeting this week by video conference.
'Twas sad.