Thursday, September 24, 2015

last week in the MTC:)

This morning after residency with tham :)
I'm gonna miss this kid

Elder Robles and I in the park

Elders Garrard, Kroff and Maldonado in our room

Stadium from the Outside

Selfie at top Stadium

Full View of  Stadium


Zone 2
Me and Ronaldo
Soooo cool the field

The field again

The weird light bars are artificial sunlight..... haha cool and weird

HOLA everyone :)

well, my time here at the MTC is almost up!! i am both glad and sad. i am
so incredibly excited to meet my trainer and what not and very excited to
see what my first area will be like!! this friday, so tomorrow, i have my
first interview with my mission president, president pack!! i am very
excited. i met his wife, she has the thickest mississippi accent ive ever
heard but she is very sweet!! ill let you know how it goes next week!!

okay so the cool story this week was at the park (again) haha sorry i don´t
get out much, literally. my companion was a native, elder robles!! he is
24 haha so no big deal. it was so much easier to talk with people about
the gospel when you have a companion that does it for you haha!! just
kidding. he was a really big help though, we were able to give away 4
books of mormon and have some really good talks with people! nothing too
strange, he was practicing his english with me and i was practicing my
spanish with him so it worked out perfectly!

since the natives are here, sports got a lot more fun haha!! soccer is
definitely more competitive... sometimes a little too competitive. the
teachers are all natives and so are the missionaries so it gets very heated
very fast, but it´s so fun to play and try to keep up!! i look so stupid
when i play haha because they juke me out so bad but that doesn´t keep me
from trying over and over and over and over again haha!! everyone is
yelling tranquillo... which means calm because people get a little crazy.
anyways, its fun and all is well! no injuries thankfully :) we did however
get to play american football earlier this week which made my whole life so
much better!! needless to say, elder smith is probably the best quarterback
here behind elder hammond :) haha. i love that kid... just 4 more short
days with him before we are off in our own directions!! crazy how time is

soccer stadium is one of the coolest things ive ever seen. i wish i could
take every single one of you to it personally because seriously, it was
legit. i will send tons of pictures. i had so much fun!! the tour was 19
euros which is kinda expensive for just a walk around the stadium but very
much well worth it :)

thank you all so much for your love and support. it means the world to
me!! i am so incredibly happy here and know that this is where the lord
wants me right now. jesus lives and god loves every single one of us!!!
next time i email ill be in my first area... SOOO COOL :)

con amor,

elder brady craig smith

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