Saturday, November 21, 2015

My Week :)


Wow what a quick week, we have p-day today because of Zone Conference.
We are in León staying in a Piso with 10 other Elders! It's crazy but
super fun, mostly because Elder Morris is staying with us so it's been
super fun to hang out a little bit. This week has been really awesome,
here are the highlights!

Tuesday, we had intercambios with the Zone Leaders because Michael had
his baptismal interview that night! I was with Elder Muller, he was
born in Argentina but graduated from Pleasant Grove! He has been out
for like 20 months so he is a beast. He replaced my fav, Elder
Galeano, so of course I like him! He had lots of good ideas on things
we can do to set goals for our area and other stuff, I learned so much
from him. We had so much fun contacting and going to our appointments,
he's just legit awesome. Like my big brother that I never had :)

I wanna talk about one experience that we had on Tuesday with
Beatrice. We went into the lesson not really knowing what to talk
about, so we verified that she read Alma 32 from the last time and she
had. She loved it! We talked in particular about verse 21 where it
talks about faith. Then, we shared "Mountains to Climb" with her and
she loved it! She is such a cool lady who wants to stop smoking so bad
but like I said in an earlier email, she smokes about 25 cigarettes
every day. During the video, the whole time I was praying in my mind
and asking Heavenly Father what I could share with her so she could
know what we were talking about was really true. My answer came right
as the video was ending, bare your testimony. I immediately started
crying. I couldn't even speak, the spirit was so strong!! I bore my
testimony about faith. I can't even explain how incredible I felt, and
I know for a fact she felt the spirit testify to her of the
truthfulness of the things we talked about. I thanked her for being a
friend to me and she knows to call me with any problems she ever has.
Holy cow, she's incredible!! As we were leaving, Elder Muller hugged
me for like 5 minutes and said "where did that come from?" Hahaha I
honestly didn't have an answer. It was the most incredible thing, I
love the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost!

Later that night we met with Luís, the guy who asks us for a blessing
every time we are together. It's cool that he realizes that we have
this priesthood to use, but we talked to him about doing his part. The
blessings won't kick in until he starts doing his part, so hopefully
we sparked something inside of him to get things going. He loves to
come to church and stuff, so hopefully we can continue to work with
him and get him re-activated. After Luís, we had Michael's baptismal
interview at President Yubero's house! We all shared our testimonies,
including Michael, and the spirit was so strong. It's been so fun for
me to see the changes in him, he is not the same kid I knew 6 weeks
ago when we started teaching him! He passed his interview so we are
all scheduled to have his baptism Sunday Night!! He asked me to do the
honors, I'm really excited!! Pictures will come this next week :)

The rest of the week was good, we met with Michael to finalize
baptismal stuff and then headed up to León for Zone Conference. We
started by playing soccer for 5 hours which was a blast, but I'm
soooooo sore!! Haha I'm getting old ;) President and Hermana Pack and
the Assistants came down to speak to us and it was incredible! We
learned a lot about how to work with Branch Presidents/Bishops, Ward
Mission Leaders, and members. It's always awesome to hear from
President Pack because he has the greatest things of all time to tell
the missionaries!! The rest of the weekend we have lots of finding
activities planned and Sunday morning, we have District Conference.
It's like Stake Conference but since there isn't a stake here in
Northern Spain, it's a bit different. Also, President Pack presides
here at these conferences and holds the keys since there is no stake
president, so it's really different from Utah. I'm still learning
about how this all works.

Anyways, I want to close by sharing something I found in personal
study this week from Elder Joseph B. Worthlin. He tells a story about
his mother after he lost a football game and she said, "Come what may,
and love it." How awesome! We can't control a lot of things, but we
can control how we react. It's something I'm still trying to learn,
there are a lot of things that seem hard to love! I know as we try to
apply this in our own lives, we will see more blessings and ultimately
be more happy. So, "come what may, and love it." Have a wonderful
week, I will talk to you all really soon!

Oh! Special shout out to my Aunt Molly and Uncle Jed for having twins
this week! I am so excited to meet Holbrook and Russell in just 20
short months :)

Elder Brady Craig Smith




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