Monday, March 28, 2016

Easterrr Weeeeeeek

Family and Friends!

Hello :) I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! What a great time
to remember our Savior. I also hope that we are all spiritually
preparing ourselves for GENERAL CONFERENCE this weekend! I can
honestly say that General Conference as a missionary is a second
Christmas. I am so excited to hear what the prophets, apostles, and
other general authorities have prepared for us! Here is a little about
my week...

Tuesday we had our regular lesson with Lucy. Have I mentioned that she
is the Haha seriously she is so great, sometimes we will see
her on her way to work in the street and her face just lights up when
she sees us! I'm excited for her baptism, it's coming up closer and
closer! This week, we focused on three things that she doesn't really
have problems with, so it was an easier lesson for her and us! Every
time we come over, she always prepares us something delicious and this
week it was Colombian rice pudding! Holy cow I never really liked rice
pudding before the mission (sorry mom...) but this was to die for!! I
love Lucy! (Like the show haha) later that day, we had English Class
but nobody showed up so we called some members to come play ping pong
with us and it was so much fun! There are two brothers, Kevin and
Josue, and they came and turns out... Kevin is actually some pretty
decent competition! We had a lot of fun the rest of that night just
playing some ping pong :) I'm the new king here in Talavera as far as
ping pong goes... haha

The rest of the week, it was a little difficult. We talked with so
many people, but nobody wanted anything to do with us. It's rough to
stay happy when that kind of stuff happens, but we did our best and I
know that God is happy with us for trying. A family from Ourense moved
down here this week and that was what we had been praying for as a
branch! So, I know for a fact that God answered that prayer.
Apparently the mother isn't a member, but she told our branch
president that she wanted to be baptized, so we are going to get with
them this week and see what's going on over there :) the work in
Talavera is moving along just fine!

Friday was one of the greatest days of all time! On Thursday night we
went into Madrid to stay with the Barrio 3 Elders because we had Zone
Conference and we are way far away from anything haha. Anyways, Elder
Walster was on intercambios with one of the B3 Elders, Elder Kirby, so
it was a fun night full of talking and hanging out with him! On Friday
morning, we got to Pavones and started the Tri-Zone Conference. I saw
so many MTC friends again, it was the greatest! The focus of the
conference was how to find new people, which is what we really need
help with down here in Talavera! So I took good notes and we are
hoping to put the things we learned to use this week! Now I'll tell
you all the best 2 parts of the conference...
1. I have gained so much respect for President Pack this week. I can't
imagine how many things he has to worry about as a mission president!
He has his family here, almost 200 missionaries, plus stakes and
districts that all rely on him. What a big responsibility! Right
before we finished, he gave us a blessing and said it was as if his
hands were placed individually upon each one of our heads. He entitled
us to revelation, told us how much he loved us, prayed for us, and
hopes the best for us every single day. I felt the spirit so strong as
he was giving us this "blessing" that I had chills all over my whole
body! He is truly an inspired man and I'm so glad he is my mission
president :)
2. And the second was that I saw THE GIORGINO's! They are the greatest
people of all time and I have never been happier in my whole life than
to see them! I attached a picture at the bottom :)

On Sunday, our Ward Mission Leader got up in Sacrament meeting and
asked the whole congregation (there was like maybe 20 people there) to
pray for the missionaries this week, especially us in Talavera. It
finally hit me that the missionaries have millions and millions of
people praying for us every single day! Once again, I was overcome
with chills all over my whole body! There has never been another group
of people like the missionaries who have been prayed for more in the
history of the church. For some reason, this week I was so very
grateful for the support of everyone who has helped me get out here on
my mission. Thank you ALL for your continued love and support,
especially the prayers! I have never felt it so strongly like I did
this past week. It's such a blessing to be out here serving my
Heavenly Father and helping people change their lives.

These truly are the best 2 years, I love this church and know it's
true without a doubt in my mind. I love my Father in Heaven, Jesus
Christ, and the chance to represent him every single day in Spain.
Have a great week everyone :) and enjoy General Conference! love you
Heavy black heart

Con Amor,

€lder $mith

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