Saturday, February 6, 2016

Goodbye Grandpa Smith


It was difficult for Brady to leave on his mission knowing he may not see his Grandpa Smith alive again.  They had a special bond and Brady respected and admired him so much.  He was a wonderful example of a Patriarch who led his family in righteousness and focused on the most important things in life.  Below are the communications we had with Sister Pack the “Mission Mom” and an email from Brady.

Following an email Kristin sent to inform Pres. & Sister Pack about Grandpa Smith’s Passing

February 4, 2016

We are sorry to hear that.  Our love and prayers are with your family.  I have good news. We will be with Elder Smith tonight and be able to tell him in person.  He is headed to A Coruña for a zone conference tomorrow. Is there any other information you would like us to share? We feel blessed that we will be able to tell him in person.  We will let you know after we speak with him. 


Hermana Pack


We just had an opportunity to speak with Elder Smith.  He got a little emotional, but handled the news pretty well. We had a chance to talk about his grandpa. He told us what an amazing man he is.  We gave him permission to email you. We will continue to pray for your family at this difficult time. Thank you for sending such a fine young man on a mission. He has grown leaps and bounds since he first got here.  We are very proud of him as we know you are. 

Hermana Pack
Spain Madrid Mission
Hey mom and dad,

So I'm just sitting in a hotel room at 12:06AM in A Coruña. We had a 7
and a half hour bus ride to get here today and I'm like super tired.
Anyways, elder Müller came up to me and told me that Hermana and
president pack wanted to talk to me when we got back from getting food
as a zone. I kinda had an idea of what it was, but didn't want to
think about it too much. So I knocked on their hotel room door and
went in and then they told me that grandpa smith had passed away. I
started crying and elder galvan and elder cotton (my other zone
leader) were there with me too. The email you sent Hermana and
president pack was perfect, and thanks for letting them do it. Usually
they have to do it over the phone and they told me it was a tender
mercy that we were together tonight so they could tell me in person. I
gave both president and Hermana pack a hug and it comforted me a lot.
President pack shared a story with me and his grandma passed right
before he went on his mission and it was tough for his family as well.
I was super sad at first but now I am super happy because I know how
long grandpa has been waiting for this. I love that man so much and I
can just picture him and grandma giving each other a big hug!! Not a
coincidence that this morning during my personal study this morning I
happened to listen to "you'll be in my heart" by Phil Collins. That
was grandma and grandpa smith letting me know that everything would be

So dad, I just want to tell you I'm so sorry. I wish I was there so
bad so I could give you a big hug!! You had the most amazing father in
the whole world. I shared with president pack about how grandpa was
always so generous and they absolutely loved it. Dad I love you the
most and I know that you're sad but so happy too!! He is so happy
right now. I have gained such a strong testimony of families and how
they can really be together forever while I've been in the mission
field. There's no doubt in my mind that grandpa is just beyond happy
right now!! Mom and girls... You guys are sad too but be happy :)
grandpa is awesome. He's happy!! Do a big group hug with you 4 for me

I love you guys a lot. I'm never going to forget grandpa smith and I'm
so happy that he's home. I will talk to you guys on Monday but
president told me to let you guys know that I found out. He will be
missed but he left his mark on all of the people who knew him!! I will
miss him a lot. Anyways, have a great weekend and I'll talk to you on

With love,
Elder Smith

Ps president and Hermana pack gave me special early birthday wishes
right from you guys so thanks for that :) it was almost as if you two
were sitting there in the room talking to me!!!

Setting Apart at the Smith's

Handsome Smith Men!


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