Monday, February 22, 2016

Ups, Downs and Tennis


Well I'll be completely honest, this week was extremely tough. We
didn't have a ton of appointments, people failed us a lot, nobody
wanted to talk, and other stuff that I will explain later. I was
feeling pretty down during the week. But somehow, while I am  writing
this summary of the week, I feel like it was successful. The small
good moments of the week outweigh the bad ones. I know that the hard
weeks come for a good reason, to test us and see what we are really
made of. Heavenly Father is proud of us for sticking through it and
keeping a positive attitude! Here's the week :)

Tuesday, we went over to the Tamayo's house to say bye to Nichole!!
Let me tell you, it was hard. It brought back so many memories of when
I was doing all the goodbyes! For the "last supper" (yep Susan cooked
for us again) with her and the whole family together, we all went
around the table sharing our favorite scripture and what it means to
us. I had specifically studied that morning to find something to share
with her, and I found D&C 31:3. It was a wonderful last meeting with
her, and Michael and Susan both made promises to Nichole that they
will read their scriptures every day and come to church every Sunday
because of Nichole's example to them to serve a mission. I was sooooo
happy!! So yes, they are the greatest family ever and Nichole is going
to be a very good missionary. I'm excited to hear about all the
success she has in England :)

On Wednesday we had Zone Conference in León which was super great. We
focused on how to use our time wisely as Missionaries (contacting,
visiting the members, etc.) and making our studies more efficient. And
it's always a plus to see your friends in the Zone :) I realized that
I am one of 3 people who has been in this zone for 4 transfers... I'm
old! When we got back from Zone Conference, we met up with Claudia,
the one who hasn't really been progressing anymore :( we had the drop
talk with her and she didn't take it too well. It has been sad to see
someone not keep their commitments with the Book of Mormon and the
other things we invite them to do. We were pretty bummed after all
that took place. Maybe something will change in the future with her
and she will be more inclined to keep going with the church.

Thursday, we had a nice weekly planning session. Then, we went to
visit Hermana Gene and her family. They lived in Provo for a year and
a half, so they speak very good English! They don't live in a Piso
either like a lot of other members, their house reminded me of one
from Utah. It was a good 45 minute bus ride out to the pueblo where
they live called Tudela de Duero. Hermana Gene is the best, seriously
one of the nicest ladies on the planet. She knows the branch better
than a lot of people because she has lived here her whole life! It was
a good afternoon with her, then we got back to the Piso and burned my
6 MONTH TIE! It does not feel like I've been out for 6 months haha.
But burning that tie felt good, I just have to serve my Sister
Missionary mission then I'll be home ;) TIME FLIES

Friday we got failed on a lot. Like every single appointment. The one
appointment that we did have was with Mabel. It was the first time she
met Elder Galvan, and when we sat down to get started, she flat out
told us that she doesn't want to be a member anymore. It hurt. After
all the work that Elder Peña and I put in with her and all the
progress that I have seen her make, she told us that. It was the last
thing I expected to come out of her mouth. She said that she is having
trouble finding her spiritual side and for now she's going to go with
the Jehovah's Witnesses. There wasn't anything we could do or say in
that moment to change her mind. She asked me to take her scriptures
from the LDS church because if not she was just going to throw them
away. I was not a happy missionary but I took her scriptures and then
we left. I felt lost. Why did we just drop Claudia 2 days before and
then Mabel didn't want to be a member?! I called Elder Peña and asked
him for his advice because I was breaking down. He calmed me down and
told me to just take a deep breath, God knows why these things are
happening and for me not to worry anymore. It was a rough day :/

When we got to la capilla on Saturday for English class, someone had
graffitied the whole front garage thing. It doesn't matter what was on
it, but I was SO MAD! I spent the next 45 minutes scrubbing the crap
out of it and got pretty much all of it off. I can't believe the nerve
of some people. The highlight of Saturday was that we went to Palencia
to find a less active family from Honduras who put in a missionary
request on the Internet. So, we got up to Palencia and found them.
They are such strong members but don't have any money to come down to
church on Sunday's!! The oldest son, Jared, wants to serve a mission
but just needs to get his money saved up. He reads his scriptures
every day with his mom. The family was sealed in the Guatemala temple
and then some years after, the parents split up and the mom and 3 sons
moved here to Spain. The dad was a bishop in Honduras for 8 years and
he is still active there. When I started talking about Elder Cowley,
they got so excited and I showed them a picture of him on my iPad! We
shared a message with them and promised that if they pray and fast and
ask God for a way to come to church, they will have doors opened up to
them. The next day at church, one of the other members that lives in
Palencia told us that she can give them rides! The mom just needs to
get work off on Sunday's and then they will be ready to come :) it was
one of the coolest experiences I've had on my mission and not to
mention that Palencia is a really cool city!

On Sunday I gave another talk in sacrament, this time it was about the
Love of God. I shared my experience about Quest when President Terry
was dressed up as the Savior and walked through the room and touched
every single one of the kids. When it got to my turn, I couldn't even
look at him because I was crying so much. I had just a tiny idea, in
that very moment, how much God loved me as an individual. And if he
loves me that much, he loves everyone else that much too! The members
really liked that story :) the rest of Sunday, we had Preach My Gospel
classes and then went to the Tamayo's because Susan has been a little
sick! We talked about Nichole haha and then shared another message.

Today for P-Day we played tennis and it was the greatest thing of all
time! I'm basically a professional. The other elder's investigator
invited us to go play at a private tennis club and yeah. My new name
is Elder Nadal hahaha :)

So, that was the week. Sorry it's long, but I had some pretty good
moments and some pretty sad ones too. Needless to say, I'm learning a
lot. I love being a missionary more than anything else in the whole
world. Preaching the Gospel 24/7 is such a blessing, I feel my
relationship growing with my Heavenly Father more every day. I know
when we strive to do what is right, God realizes our efforts and will
fulfill his part and bless us. Thanks for being the greatest family
and friends in the whole world, I love every one of you to pieces :)
have a wonderful week everyone :)

Con Amor,


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