Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Out with the old, in with the new :)

Hi guys! :)

Well transfers came this week and I got a new companion! His name is
Elder Baerwaldt and he is from California! He was actually Elder
Johnson's companion in the MTC! He is a really sweet guy and I'm
excited to get to work with him. It's going to be weird not being in
the most American companionship known to man kind and I'm really going
to miss Elder Johnson. Never in a million years did I think we would
get along but we are super good friends now. I would also like to
mention that 6 weeks ago, I called where he would be getting
transferred to and who his next companion would be. He is now in
Avil├ęs on the coast of Northern Spain. He will do work up there :) now
here's a bit about my week!

So I wrote last Wednesday because we went to the temple, so there
really hasn't been too much else that has happened. On Thursday, we
had our weekly planning session in the morning and it went really
well. After, we went out to a little pueblo to help a member lady get
all her stuff ready to move! She is headed to Valencia and she was so
thankful that we came to help her. She was exhausted and it felt good
to give a little bit of service! I don't know how she would have done
it without us honestly hahaha she had so much stuff. After, she gave
me a brand new pair of church shoes that her husband never used!! It
was dope :) successful service if I say so myself!

Friday, we got on a bus to Toledo to have interviews with President
Pack and let me just say again, that guy is freaking inspired. I know
that he has been called of God! He knows me so well and tells me
exactly what I need to hear to get me fired up about the area and put
my uneasiness to the side. After the interviews, we split up for an
intercambio with Toledo and I went with my buddy Elder Gearig :) we
went to eat with a member family from Argentina and they had the most
beautiful accent that I have ever heard in my life. I was seriously
just sitting there amazed at how wonderful it sounded. They made us
some bomb spaghetti :) after that we changed our clothes and hit the
basketball courts... Let's just say that Stockton to Malone 2.0 went
down in Toledo :) haha it was fun to play with another American who
actually knew what he was doing. After we played for a while, a guy
came and sat down by us and seemed really interested in what we were
doing, so we ended up teaching him about the restoration right there
on the courts and gave him a Book of Mormon! It was a cool experience
to talk to someone who was so open to what we were saying. Hopefully
he keeps on going through with the church over there! Then we finished
the night walking back and forth between the old Hermanas Piso and the
Elders Piso because we forgot the keys and stuff... It was a long
night but so much fun. I love Elder Gearig :)

Saturday we got on a bus and came back to Talavera to play some
soccer! During the middle of the game, one of the members Grandma's
dog ran away so we all turned into a search crew to go find it and
then out of nowhere, Kevin, a freaking beast at soccer and the coolest
member here walks up to us with it just cradled in his arms. It was
hilarious and a miracle for this grandma haha! Then we showered and
went to eat with our branch mission leader and his family. They are so
great, honestly it's like I'm sitting at home when I'm with them.
Transfer calls then came in and we were pretty stoked that I called
where Elder Johnson was going and we watched the first half of the
Champions League game with our branch mission leader too! Freaking
soccer is crazy here in Spain... We couldn't sleep forever because
when Ronaldo hit the PK to win it, the whole town erupted with honking
horns and yelling like maniacs. But hey, gotta love some good Spanish
soccer :)

Sunday was goodbye day for Elder Johnson. I honestly am really going
to miss him, you kinda get in a rhythm with one companion and then
they switch you. We spent the day passing by members, eating
appointments, and finishing off packing his stuff and then came back
to get ready for our day today :) we woke up super early this morning
to get to Madrid to catch his train up north and then my new companion
got there about an hour after. These next few weeks should be
interesting, I'm so stressed and nervous but excited too!!

That's all I've got for this week... I love you all and am so grateful
for your support. I know that God and Christ live and love every
single one of us. Whenever we need help or anything, they are right
there to guide us. They love each and every one of you and so do I :)
Have a great week!

Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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