Monday, July 18, 2016

B3 n Happy as can be :)


So this week has been so crazy fun I honestly have no idea where to
start. Madrid is so great. B3 is the greatest area known to womankind.
It is honestly weird to be in an area with so many people hahaha I am
pretty used to Talavera still but it's okay! There are 6 missionaries
assigned to our ward and we share a capilla with B9 as well and they
have 6 missionaries too. Needless to say, it's a party :) Elder
Walster and my other good friend Elder Kiser are double training so
that has been a blast! I see them both all the time and it's just
refreshing to see some familiar faces :) we also built another bunk
bed in our Piso so we have had a sleep over with the other elders
every single day of the week so far because our Piso is so well
located. I'm just happy and having a great time out here :) now here's
a little for my week!

There are actually less actives here! I haven't worked with less
actives since Valladolid because in Talavera they basically don't
exist haha so that has been fun. We met up with one guy named Raul who
was actually baptized by my first zone leader Elder Galeano! He is
married to a lady named Nancy and they are a sweet couple. We went
over to their house and watched a part of Meet the Mormons with them
and they loved it! Then they made us dinner and they just rent 1 room
of a Piso so we were all crammed in there on their bed and we ate on
an ironing board! The food was so good but we were sweating sooooo
bad!! I wish I would have got a picture because we were sweating so
bad but it was super fun. I met a handful of other Less actives this
week too and they all seem like great people so we will see what we
can do with them :)

We have a couple of investigators as well and they are progressing
towards baptism so we will see what that brings as well! One guy is
named Alexander and he is from the Dominican Republic so naturally I
already love him ;) we asked him how he was doing with his Book of
Mormon reading and he said that he gets really tired when he reads so
we sat down with him, changed plans, and read from 1 Nephi 8 with him
about Lehi's Vision. I love that story sooooo much and it brings the
spirit so powerfully every time I read it. Alexander understood it
perfectly and he promised us that he would keep reading to find out if
the book was true! It was an awesome lesson :) also earlier in the
week, we met a lady named Rosa who just so happens to be the
girlfriend of a less active guy who is actually starting to come back
to church now. She has never met the missionaries before but we helped
her move a fridge into her new Piso and then she invited us over on
Saturday with some of her other Peruvian friends and they made us
😍😍 it was sooooo good and Rosa freaking loves us now. We
went back again last night and had a Noche de Hogar with her and a
family of recent converts so hopefully we can continue meeting with
her and help her boyfriend keep on the right path as well!

On Friday we had a bomb zone conference about increasing our capacity
to love. It was so good. Then we had correlation, English Class, Noche
de Hogar with the ward (the ward here is freaking gigantic haha), and
then finished the night off with a sweet Zumba class and some
volleyball! We honestly had so much fun it was insane. And we had a
new lady come to English class from Venezuela and she stayed for Zumba
and then came on Sunday to church so that was yawesome! It was her
first time ever coming to a Mormon church so I sat next to her in
sacrament and taught her about the sacrament and how to sing the hymns
:) The work here is going great and we are honestly having so much fun
and loving every second. Elder Stout is a stud and I'm so lucky to
have him as a companion. There's so much more I want to say but just
don't have time for, so next week will be chuck full of good stuff :)

As for today, we went to the temple square of Spain and played
basketball I'm the stake center with President Pack! Haha he was
guarding me at one point and I splashed a 3-pointer right in his face
:) YA BOi STILL GOT IT!! But for real I haven't sweat so much in my
whole life. It was a blast!! I love the mission and can't believe I've
been out as long as I have. I hope you all are enjoying summer and
have a wonderful week! I'll talk to you in just 7 short days :):) take

Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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