Monday, April 3, 2017

hello peeps!

Hola fam.i.leeeeeeeeeee!!!!!
Just a heads up... this email is gonna be short and sweet hahaha. We had a lesson this morning and have been spending p day hanging out with elders jones and peroni, my son and grandson! We are doing intercambios tonight and tomorrow with them and I'm really excited :) we spent the day playing football and ping pong and chatting. I'm so grateful for mission friends who are lifelong homies. These fools are gonna be my side until the very end!! Well, here's the week!!

I wrote last Wednesday cuz we were in Madrid last week and we were a little bummed and thinking that we wouldn't be able to get much done in León, but we were wrong! We had a ton of lessons and picked up 4 new investigators! It was ridiculous! We also had the chance to do intercambios with the elders from Ponferrada which is a little area just outside of León. They're part of our district. It was a good time :) all in all, it's been a good few days since we last chatted! Elder kiser and I are hyped about what is coming in León! I love it here!!

Another cool thing that happened was that I saw the Hodgkinson's from the good old Val Verda 4th ward!! I got a phone call saying hurry up and get to the cathedral and so I did and when I got there I was greeted by 2 very familiar faces!! It was such a nice surprise! We chatted for a while and got a picture and it kinda got me excited to go home and see all my buddies in the greatest ward of all time :) 'twas a tender mercy!!

Last thing... conference was sooooo awesome. I loved all the talks hahaha I can't pick just one. As I was looking back through who spoke, I loved Elder Ballard's talk about life goals. And president eyring's talk about the great plan of salvation. I can't just pick one talk hahaha they were all great!! I'm excited to read them all again!!

Well, that's all the time I have, I love you guys and wish you the best :) talk to you in 1 short week!! :):):):):):):)))))))

Con amor,

Elder smith


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