Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Yo sé que vive mi Señor!

Hello fam!

This week was insane!! I'm just gonna get str8 2 it cuz we don't have
much time today. Aight. Let's go.

Semana Santa... i don't even know where to begin. People here go all
out for this big party that is all week long. It kinda made it hard to
talk to people in the street but we just pulled out the jesus cards
and they at least accepted those. When you only talk about jesus, they
usually listen. Some of the processions (parades) that they had were
insane. Elder kiser and I were scared a couple of days to go out into
the street cuz there were so many people and a lot of creepy stuff,
but overall it was a good week. I sent my mom an insane video if
anyone wants to see it. Just ask her and she can send it over. There's
a little story that goes with it too hahaha I highly recommend that
you all watch it. Maybe put it on the blog momma :)

We went back to Valladolid this week! Talk about #blessed!! We went
for the district meeting down there and then ate at some rad Mexican
restaurant. It was super delicious but very pricy. Nothing compared to
Lorena's in good old BNTFL. I just miss that place so much, I was
surprised about how much I remembered about the city! I hope we can go
back soon and maybe this time we can have more than just a few hours
so that we can pass by some of my peeps who are there :) such a
blessed sitio. Long live Valladolid.

Other cool thing... we started teaching this guy named César from
Salamanca. He lives here in León and just finished the Camino de
Santiago. The elders up there in Santiago contacted him and taught him
a lesson and he went to church and general conference there and then
came back from his trip just this week. Well, he called us up and
wanted to meet, so we have already taught him 2 times and he has a
baptismal date for the 29th of April! This guy is soooo prepared! He
got out of jail like 3 months ago but he's super cool and wants to
follow jesus. He came to church yesterday and loved it! He said that
anytime he gets ganas to smoke, he's gonna call us and take a big
drink of water! Haha dude is a stud. I hope he gets baptized!! It's
exactly what he is looking for!!

Another thing that I'm not gonna get into too much this week... the
Colombian family. The mom, Julie, dropped some serious news on us this
Friday and let's just say that there could be a serious miracle
happening this week. I don't have time to explain it but next week
when all is said and done, hopefully I have something interesting to
tell. Please pray for Julie, Margot, and Gustavo this week! We really
are working so hard with them and want them to come around!! I know
it's in God's hands and whatever is supposed to happen will happen.
I'll keep y'all updated.

Last thing... yesterday as we were singing one of the sacrament
hymns... I couldn't deny the spirit that I felt! I almost reached out
and grabbed it by the tail haha! Elder kiser and I were talking about
Easter and how grateful we are for the sacrifice that our savior made
for us. Without him, we would literally be nothing! We would be
doomed! We owe him everything and I am so glad he is my older brother.
I'm so glad to be a member of his true church and to wear his name
every day!! I've got 20 months down (as of today) and a few more to go
and I'm gonna make every single day count!! I love my savior!!

Well, today we played some baseball (with squishy balls and a ping
pong paddle) and ate chili dogs cuz elder kiser has officially 6
months left in the mission and I have officially 20 months under my
belt. It was the best way we could think of to celebrate!! Haha I'm so
happy out here. I'm dreading coming home but I know it'll be good too.
I love you all, thanks for the support! Enjoy this dope scripture that
we found the other day, hopefully you understand it and appreciate it

Quedaos tranquilos, y sabed que yo soy Dios
-Salmos 46:10

Con amor,
Elder b smith

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