Monday, July 10, 2017

Que os Cuideis

Hola 👋🏽

It's been another great week as a missionary in León :) not a whole
lot to report on but I'll try to include some stuff that's happened!
We are actually currently in Ponferrada for P-day and tonight and
tomorrow we have intercambios so that should be fun! And later this
week I get to go back to my birthplace, o sea, VALLADOLID and do
intercambios there
😍 so it's gonna be a good week!!

So the brother and sister from Honduras that I told you all about last
week??? Well, they came to church on Sunday! It was so awesome! They
really seemed to enjoy it and the members made them feel right at
home. They are timid but realize that the gospel is something good for
them and they want to learn more. We had a few lessons with them this
week and we have focused a lot on teaching them about who Jesus Christ
is and why he is so important. We watched a couple bible videos and
poco a poco they are starting to get it a little more. I really hope
they keep going with the good attitude they have cuz there is a lot of
potential with these two! Keep praying for them!

Curve ball of the week : Lina moved to the islands right off the coast
of Barcelona this week :/ she called on Monday night to give us the
news and then Thursday morning she was gone! She got offered a job and
she's been praying to find something for some time now and so she
left. It was really sad. She was crying and didn't want to leave but I
know the Lord is opening up doors for her! Overall it will be a good
change. She emailed me this morning and told me that she went to
church yesterday in the islands and met the missionaries! So she was
happy and she'll keep up the good work out there. We still have
contact with Diego and her mom so hopefully we can get out there this
week to visit them at home :)

I wanted to share something that my mom forwarded me that made me
think a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost. It was a talk from Elder
Holland at a new mission president seminar last month and he shares a
story about an elder who decided to open his mouth and follow the
promptings of the spirit. He said the following... "We are sent by God
to invite His children home. We do that through the Holy Ghost, the
Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, on the strength of the Atonement of
Jesus Christ. Welcome to the divine companionship.” I have felt many
times on my mission the guidance of the Holy Ghost and when we heed
its promptings, we are always blessed and miracles happen. I think
it's so legit how he talks about the divine companionship and to be a
part of that is quite the privilege! I loved the talk. You should go
find the article (I think it's on Deseret news) and read the whole

Things are great, ánimo is high, and I'm still loving every second in
Spain! I'm trying not to focus on time hahaha because there isn't much
left, but there is a lot more to be done out here in Spain. I love you
all and I'll be chatting you one last time la semana que viene :):)
have a great week!!

Con amor,
Elder Smith

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