Monday, August 17, 2015

Airport See you Later

So the day we couldn't wait for.... and..... hoped would never come at the same time arrived!  August 17 we took Brady to the Salt Lake Airport for the 11:20 am fight to Dallas.  He had a layover there and called us which was wonderful except for the girls who missed the call :( From Dallas they headed across the country and Atlantic to Heathrow Airport in London to meet up with the other Elders who were on the earlier 8 am flight.  After a very long plane ride, Brady was greeted by his best friend Tanner and in his words : "I hugged elder tanner freaking Hammond holy cow that was literally one of the most special moments of my life. Two young boys just exploring the world on the lords errand... oh not to mention that they are lifelong best friends!!"  They jumped on a plane quickly and headed to Madrid... let the adventures begin.

Elder Hammond, Smith and Walster
 Heathrow, London Airport

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