Friday, August 14, 2015

Open House

August 8 brought a cool, beautiful summer evening.  Lots of friends and family joined us at the house for food and visiting.  It was a wonderful time to say "see you later" to many of Brady's dear friends. 
The boys
Jordan, Mr. Hood, Nate

The Fisher Family and Elizabeth Busdicker

Kristin and Tanner

Grandpa Smedley and Aunt Molly

Elizabeth, Makenna, Emily, Berklee and Gretchen

Davis Kendrick

Geri and John Kendrick & June Allred

Allreds, Emily and Tracie

Tracie and Emily

Jamie, Greg, Aunt Karen and Grandma Smedley

Me and Crew

Bailee and Grandma Watson

Keri and Grandpa Watson

Judy, Kyle and Rich Rogers

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