Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Alive and Well from the Madrid MTC

Our first email from Spain on Tuesday morning:

Hello Family! i am alive and well in the MTC! we got off the plane
today and it was quite the experience.  too much flying haha.  quick
funny story... there is this one elder who is going to malaga and in
his carry on he packed two 35 pound dumb bells... he did it so he
wouldn´t have to pay extra in his really big bags!! hahahahaha i
laughed so hard when i tried to pick up his bag.  anyways, i will
email you guys on my next p day which will be august 27th.  i love you
all and miss you so much... i want you to know that saying good bye
was the hardest thing i have ever done!  i felt so helpless as i
walked away but then i said a prayer and i knew that heavenly father
was right there with me and now i am so happy to be here in this
beautiful country!! love you all!!        love, elder smith

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