Monday, August 8, 2016

Going Left

Hey :):):) Hey :):):) Hey :):):)

I can't believe it's time to write again. I had a wonderful week :)
I'd like to share a few random/cool/funny highlights to get started.
First of all, do you remember the family from El Salvador in my last
area? It was Alfonso, Blanca, Kevin, and Josue. Well, they got sealed
together as a family in the Madrid Temple on Friday!!! Kevin called me
and invited me to the sealing but unfortunately we already had a few
appointments scheduled that we couldn't miss. BUT THEY GOT SEALED!!
That just makes me soooooo happy thinking about it :) and the other
funny thing is that Elder Stout let me cut his hair this week!! And
the good news is I found my new future career path hahaha!! It looks
sooooooo much better than I thought it would! I'm not bad at all :)
I'll put a picture of it at the bottom. Ok now for the good stuff :)

Alexander is doing wonderful. We taught him the word of wisdom and
once again he was completely on board with it :) so much fun to teach
someone who is so open to what the gospel has to offer. He even came
to our Minute to Win it activity on Friday and he loved it! He's quite
the character! Another cool thing this week was that we found a part
member family who just recently moved here from Honduras! The dad's
name is Carlos Madrid and he is a member as well as his youngest son
but his soon to be wife and other kids aren't. We had a very cool and
spiritual lesson with them about the importance of reading in the Book
of Mormon and going to church. They liked it so much that they came to
church with us on Sunday!! It was so fun to wake up early in the
morning and go pick them up to take them on the bus to church. I've
actually never picked an investigator up for church before so I can
finally cross that one off the bucket list :) but overall they stayed
all 3 hours and things are looking good with them, hopefully we can
help the wife and kids be baptized while I'm here!

On Friday night we had our huge Noche de Hogar/Minute to Win it
activity and holy SCHNIKES it was insanely awesome! We had some
incredible member support and everyone had a great time!! We made 10
different stations with various games and my station was the "junk in
the trunk" one. We emptied tissue boxes and put slits in the back and
made little belts to tie around a waist and then on the inside we put
8 ping pong balls! The objective was to see who could shake the ping
pong balls out the fastest and obviously I won :) all those years of
twerking and going crazy at school dances finally paid off haha! But
we had a really fun time, a lot of members came that we have never met
before. We split up the 27 page member list and each took 9 pages per
companionship and called every single person that had a number and
passed by everyone else with just addresses. So literally every single
person in the whole ward was invited by someone and it was a HUGE

Sunday was We had 6 investigators at church which is my new
record for the mission! YIPPIE!! And on top of that, we had a
fantastic fast and testimony meeting and the spirit was definitely
present. A couple of the young men and women in the ward bore their
testimonies about EFY and that threw me back a bit, I had to hold back
some tears! The spirit was strong and once again the Holy Ghost
confirmed to me that this is the true church of Jesus Christ. I have
absolutely no doubt in my mind! The rest of Sunday we visited members
and ended the night with another Noche de Hogar in the park :) super
good Sunday and after days like that, I never want to come home haha.

That's the week folks! This upcoming week we have a lot of
appointments and member visits set up so it should be a good time :)
we received a lot of new references this last week too so we will see
how it goes meeting up and teaching those people! I hope to have new
fun things to report next week :) as for today, we were going to go to
Segovia but we missed a bus and there was some confusion so we ended
up going to the center of Madrid called SOL :) I bought some cheap
(probably stolen) authentic fĂștbol jerseys from my African friends on
the sides of the streets! Haha oh Madrid :) I love this city and this
country soooo much. Thank you all for the prayers, letters, and
support. I love you all and have an excellent week    enjoy summer

while it lasts ;))

Con Amor,
Elder Smeeeeeeeffffffff

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