Monday, August 29, 2016

Lanzado hacia el amor :') jajaja

Sup guys :)

Well first week has come and gone with my son :) his name is Elder
Jones and he is from Gilbert, Arizona! He is the 9th of 9 kids but has
a twin brother who is 5 minutes older than him who is serving in Chile
right now. He's a machine at basketball and we get along so well. He
pretty much carries his own weight when it comes to Spanish and is so
excited and enthusiastic about the work! I'm super excited for these
next few weeks with him and hopefully we can see some miracles in B3
:) he came from the Provo MTC and so he has been really thrown head
first into the Spanish culture this week as well as trying to keep up
while dealing with all the jet lag. He got lost in Madrid when he got
off the plane and ended up at the mission home after a 2 hour taxi
ride and then lost his luggage too for a few days so that was fun :)
hahaha but all is well now and we are finally settled in. Here's a bit
about our week!

So first and foremost, Alexander won't be getting baptized this week
:/ something came up last minute and he still needs to get some stuff
figured out before he gets baptized. I'm really sad but more proud
than anything because he understands what type of commitment he is
making with God and he wants to do it the right way. He will still
continue coming to church and we are going to help him with his
problems until he is all cleared and ready to get baptized! It
shouldn't be too much of a delay but we shall see. So there's the news
on him, keep him in your prayers please!

We visited a less active girl named Brenda from Bolivia this week who
is like easily one of the coolest people I've ever met. She cut my
hair (it looks good) and then after, Elder Jones prepared a little
lesson for her on the sacrament. We talked about the importance of the
baptismal covenant and why the sacrament would be so crucial to
partake of every week and at the end she told us, "Elders, I really
want to come to church on Sunday." We were hyped and she actually came
and brought the rest of her less active family as well! It was so
awesome to see them all there and it helped me realize the power of
just a simple invitation. So we are gonna keep on meeting with her and
hopefully help her keep coming every week! Never be too timid to
extend an invitation to a friend, it might just work :)

Last night we had a lesson with another less active guy named Calixto
who was baptized not too long ago but got hurt in an accident so he
lost his memory. He doesn't know what happened and neither does
anybody else, he just said he woke up in the hospital and didn't
remember anything that had happened. It's super sad because he is so
awesome! He doesn't like to come to church anymore because he doesn't
remember any of the members and he feels a bit scared so we invited
him to come with us and he accepted! We warmed up to each other
quickly and had a nice lesson with him about the atonement. I am
quickly coming to realize just how much love our Savior has for each
and every one of us. He wants us to be happy and that's my job here as
a missionary, to share the happiness that this gospel brings! Pray for
Calixto that he can start to get feeling better and that he'll come to
church with us :)

GREENIE FIRE IS REAL GUYS like holy cow. My companion is a beast. I
got so lucky :) Even though he doesn't speak fluently, it doesn't even
matter because he still talks to everybody. It's awesome and has
pushed me to be even more outgoing than I was before! I'm really
grateful for this opportunity to train because it's been my dream
since day 1 of my mission. We Just gotta keep pressing forward and
doing what we know is right and the Lord will take care of us. I'm
having so much fun and I know without a doubt that this is the work of
the Lord :)

That's all I got, thanks for all the love and support and extra
prayers especially this week! They don't go unnoticed and I'm
extremely grateful for every single one of you in my life. I wouldn't
be anything without my fans ;) have a great week, enjoy school, watch
some American football, and keep being the greatest family and friends
in the whole world :) LOVE YOU ALL TO PIECES!

Con Amor,
Elder Brady Smith

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