Monday, August 22, 2016

It's a BOY!!!!!!

Hola Fam :)

Sooooooo I've got some good news for y'all.... I'M GONNA BE A DAD :)
boy oh boy I've been waiting for this moment literally my whole
mission! Forget district and zone leader, AP and everything else...
Training is where it's at :) so I'm pumped. My freaking hijo is gonna
be so swaggy and I'm really excited to see him! I will be picking him
up tomorrow afternoon by the temple and then the fun will begin :) so
pray for me that I don't mess him up too bad haha! Tonight there are
like 6 elders sleeping at my Piso because transfers mess everything up
so they need people to bunk with. Also.... It was really hard saying
bye to Elder Stout :(:( he was such a fun companion and I'm gonna
freaking miss him. He is headed up to Ovideo to be in the León zone
where I started my mission and his new companion is Elder Wright!!
That's what I'm talking about!! Haha they'll do great together.
President shook a ton of stuff up this transfer so we will see how
everything plays out :) well I don't remember hardly anything from
this week but here it is!

Well Alexander is all ready for his baptism and we actually moved it
up to Friday the 2nd of September. So my son is gonna have a baptism
his 2nd week in the field and that's dope. Not that numbers matter but
it will be a cool experience for us both! He has such a strong
testimony and tells us every time we visit him how happy he is and how
excited he is for his baptism! He had an interview with the bishop
this week and things are just looking good with him. I love that guy

Um Thursday was HUMP DAY so we went and played soccer in the morning
(we have actually been playing soccer every day for the past 3 weeks
for morning exercises with the other elders) and then got a dozen
Dunkin' Donuts to celebrate :) we didn't have any candles so I just
shoved a match in one and then we lit it and ate them together.

Yesterday was spent saying goodbye to members cuz Elder Stout is
leaving but it was really fun. I hate transfers so much but I love
them so much more. It's the ultimate love/hate relationship. We had a
huge Noche de Hogar with a brand new family that another member
brought to introduce us to and they loved the things we shared with
them! So we were thinking this was gonna be a golden family to get
baptized and all and then they told us where they lived and it's super
far out of our area. So that was kinda a sucker punch to the kidneys
but hey, they'll get baptized somewhere else and that's all that
matters :) I really am enjoying my time here in B3 and it will be fun
to see how things go this next week with introducing my hijo to the
members and stuff :)

That's literally all I can remember from this week. Sorry it's not
that spiritual or interesting but hey I'm just excited to train :') I
seriously can't get that off my mind that I'm going to be a father. I
had a great trainer in Elder Peña and so hopefully I can do the same
for my new greenie. We will make it a great first week and hopefully
have a lot of fun stories to share in the next few transfers to come!
I'll try not to tease him too much ;) LOVE YOU ALL, TALK TO YOU IN A

Con el amor de un padre nuevo,
Elder Smith

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