Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day!!

Hola chavales :)

Another grand week in the books for elders smith and jones :) I think
we have the most American companionship in the whole mission or maybe
in the whole world. Even more so than when I was with elder Johnson
haha! President saw us today and said Elder Jones should consider
changing his last name to Wesson haha ;) good one Pres! But it's all
good, the work is going well and we are getting along great. I feel
super lucky to be training him because it's almost like he came
pre-trained! He's been a fun niño that's for sure ;) here's a bit
about the week!

So there is this guy that we just barely found out about named Omar
who has already been taught everything by older missionaries. He has
been studying abroad/working in South Africa for like the last 3
months but just got back and called us this week! So we went over to
his house and just started getting to know him and then out of the
blue he asked us, "so when can I get baptized?" I WAS LIKE RIGHT NOW
MAN LETS GO FILL THE TUB :) haha but he's a super cool guy and we went
over the baptismal interview questions with him and he knew everything
like perfectly. He was like reading in the Book of Mormon while he was
on vacation and everything! So on the 17th he should be getting
baptized, please keep your fingers crossed for Omar!

Elder Jones was just dying to play basketball this week so I decided
to switch things up a bit and we went and contacted on the court! We
got into a little 2 on 2 match with some drunk Dominican guy and
another guy named Alberto from Ecuador. The weirdest thing is that
they don't backcourt the ball after the rebound, so we lost the first
game because that rule was so weird but then we won the next 4 in a
row by like 15+ points haha. We are like Chris Paul to Blake Griffin
haha. At one point, Elder Jones just destroyed this Dominican guy with
a tomahawk dunk. It was the dopest thing I've ever seen! I just stood
back and was like "that's my boy
😎" hahaha. I'm proud to have him as
a son. After we finished playing, we started talking with the guy
Alberto from Ecuador and he was really interested in our message! He
has studied with literally every church known to womankind but
respects everything and really has a strong belief in God. So we
talked to him a little bit about the godhead and he agreed to meet up
with us again this week and he wants to play more basketball too! So
we picked up a couple of wins and a new investigator which was
yawesome :):)

Tender Mercy of the week : So right now I'm serving in the Madrid West
Stake and that just so happens to include Talavera in it as well.
Yesterday at our church building, they had like seminary graduation or
something and I saw Kevin, Blanca, and Josue! When Josue saw me, he
ran up and immediately started crying! He looked up at me and sowed me
that he was wearing the tie I gave him and everything!!! I JUST LOVE
THEM SOOOOO MUCH and I miss that area too
😩 seriously the greatest
feeling of all time to be loved and missed by an old area holy

This morning for personal study, I was reading about my favorite
missionary companionship of all time from the scriptures. Alma and
Amulek were absolute machines! I love reading their story because they
were so faithful and diligent. They turned to the Lord in everything
they did and really wanted to make him proud. They had success but
also struggled a lot, being spit on and made fun of. I'm so glad to
have Elder Jones because he is the most happy and outgoing person in
the whole world. Someone could be so rude to him but he just shakes it
off and talks to the next person like its no big deal. I honestly feel
like he is training me haha! We set goals this week to become more
like Alma and Amulek and turn to the Lord in everything we do. We have
already seen blessings from this and are excited to see what He has in
store for us this upcoming week :):)

Today for p-day we went to Pavones by the temple and played basketball
with a ton of missionaries. It was sooooo much fun but as I write this
I'm so exhausted hahaha. I saw Elder Gearig and man I miss that guy
haha. Worth it though :) and speaking of Talavera, I'm actually going
down there next week to spend P-Day with the missionaries and members
there! I'm so excited to introduce them to Elder Jones and just see
their smiling faces and see the city again. So stay tuned for that
next week :) I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Labor Day!!

Con Amor,

elder b.c. Smith

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