Monday, September 12, 2016

We're plugging along folks!

They call it Scranton...what?! The electric city!

Hahah hello!! Hopefully there's some of you reading this email that
get the Scranton reference... :) We had a pretty good week. Let's just
cut right to the chase shall we?!

We got failed on a lot this week. Like every appointment we had with
investigators fell through except for 1. So that was a bit rough but
it gave us a lot of time to contact and find new people.
Aaaaannnnnnndddddd that's exactly what we did! We found like 3 new
investigators which is super awesome and a ton more references that
hopefully we can call and meet up with this week! Some of them seem
really promising. Like I'm honestly stoked for what we have set up
already! It's going to be crazy hectic but awesome. Hopefully since we
contacted so much this week, maybe we'll be able to teach a bit more
and find more of a balance in that aspect :)

On Saturday we did intercambios with the other elders and I went with
Elder Trassierra! He's a Spaniard and from a place in the south called
Murcia. He is actually from my MTC group so that was fun to reconnect
for a day :) we taught a few lessons and visited a few families in the
ward but the highlight of the day was visiting our family from
Honduras! They made us this typical soup from their country and it was
so freaking good! I have no idea what was in it but I absolutely loved
it. Hondurans know how to cook :) then we taught them after about the
word of wisdom and why it's important to take care of our bodies. The
kids like to drink tea and coffee but they said they would be willing
to stop and see what kind of blessings Heavenly Father has in store
for them :) later that day while we were contacting, I was feeling
bold so I went up to some guy on the street who was smoking and asked
him "do you like to smoke?" And he said "yes" and so I said "well
don't you know it's bad for you?" And he said "yes" and so I started
to tell him that we as Mormons have a "health code" called the word of
wisdom and invited him to learn more about it. He accepted and gave us
his number so we should be meeting up with him this week :) so moral
of the story is just keep the word of wisdom and you will receive lots
of blessings for it!

Tomorrow we have a tri-zone conference in Pavones and the AP's asked
us if we could prepare a musical number. We decided to sing "Come Unto
Christ" which was the 2014 Mutual theme song and yesterday as we were
practicing, the lyrics stuck out to me big time. It says "...and
whenever you may need him, he's the one you're looking for. So let him
in, and he will take away your pain. When you feel his love, you'll
never be the same....he's calling your name, he's waiting for you,
with arms open wide... Come unto Christ." Honestly, this is so
comforting. It relates perfectly to missionary work, we invite people
to come unto him. And when they do, what a marvelous change it is. I'm
so happy to be here in this country sharing the best message in the
whole world. I just hope that they give us the chance to share it with
them :)

I WENT TO TALAVERA TODAY :):) and holy schnikes I miss that place so
much. The people, the city, everything. I forgot just how different it
is than Madrid! I love it so much. So I put pics of that at the bottom
:) elder jones liked it too so it was a successful day :) Good luck to
jLew this week as he enters the MTC :) you'll do great pal. I love
this work, I love my companion, I love the Lord!! Have a wonderful
week everyone and remember, 20-19 😉🙌🏾 #UTENATION

con Amor,
Elder SmeeeeeeeeF

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