Monday, September 26, 2016

Short and Sweet Week

Good day a todos 😃

Well the last time I wrote, it was a lot so today will probably be a bit shorter. And plus it's only been like 4 days since we chatted last! Here's what's gone down...

So like 2 weeks ago while we were out contacting, we found a father and a son sitting together on a bench in the park. We went up to talk to them and they agreed that it would be ok to go teach them! The dads name is Grober and the sons is Grover. They just recently moved here from Bolivia and are super good people. So we taught them about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon and then on Friday night, the son Grover came to our weekly Noche de Hogar! He loved it and the youth in the ward made him feel so welcomed! And then he came to church with us on Sunday and stayed after for a baptism that the other elders had! He really enjoyed it and so hopefully this week when we meet up with him, we can set a baptismal date! And get his whole family coming to church too :)

We also have this cool Chinese investigator named Dionisio who has lived here in Spain most of his life. He is super smart and speaks English, Chinese, and Spanish all perfectly. He's a little socially awkward but really loves what we teach him. He came to church this Sunday as well and stayed for the baptism and liked what he saw! He has a baptismal date scheduled for the middle of October so pray for him that it can go through! This last time we met up with him, he offered one of the coolest prayers I've ever heard. It was literally like 5 straight minutes of him telling God everything that he was grateful for. He's such a cool guy and we are excited for him :) 

One day this week during some contacting time, we broke off the main streets and found a basketball court with some kids playing and they invited us over for a game. They were only like 12 but we told them if we beat them, they had to listen to us. Guess who won? 😎 so we gave them each a Book of Mormon and they loved it! One kid was like "I've always wanted a bible!" Hahaha it was classic. Then after the lesson, elder jones and I basically did a little camp with them cuz they weren't that great at ball handling so for the next 1/2 hour, we did some fundamental stuff! They invited us back this week so we might pass by and school some chavales again :) 

Well today we went to a huge mall and hung out with some other missionaries. Nothing too special. And GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND HOLY SCHNIKES I'M SO EXCITED 😍😍 it might as well be Christmas already cuz I'm that stoked. Oh and we have 2 intercambios scheduled this week so it's gonna be crazy but I'm happy :) I love you all, more to report next week!! Like I say every week, keep enjoying college football for me 🏈 

Con Amor,
Elder Smith

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