Monday, November 28, 2016

Food, Elena, and #ILUMINAelMUNDO

Well HHHHEEELLLLLLLLLOOOOO my dearly beloved ones :)

Let me tell you, we had such a fantastic week! Holy cow if we keep having weeks like this I might never come home. The title of the email basically explains all that went on, we ate a lot of food, Elena got baptized, and the church came out with the DOPEST SICKEST MOST BORDERLINE GROTESQUE CHRISTMAS CAMPAIGN known to womankind! So I'll explain all that stuff with more detail now :) 

So thanksgiving was incredible. We had a zone conference that day and learned a lot of stuff about like how to begin teaching and the new Christmas initiative that the church came out with. We will get into that later :) but it was fun. We had a big feast after as a zone and had some nice chatting with other missionaries! Then later that night, we went over to my Paraguayan mother's house and she cooked us a 22 POUND TURKEY HOLY COW it was soooooo good and definitely a Thanksgiving I'll never forget. Being with the people you love and some good food is definitely the best feeling in the world :) We have had sooooooo many eating appointments this week.... I have never eaten so much in my whole life. I need to start running again haha. SOLID THANKSGIVING!

ELENA GOT BAPTIZED :):):) it was a marvelous day. All her family came to support her and she was glowing with happiness! It took her and her son a few times to get the baptismal prayer right and for her to go completely under, but after all, she went under :) her non-member husband was there and when her son got up to bare his testimony, the husband started to cry! He went and talked to the bishops wife and told her that he was gonna be baptized next. We are making some serious progress with them guys so I'm really pumped to see what the future brings with them! And of course Elena got confirmed yesterday so it was just the cherry on top :) SOLID WEEKEND! 

I sure hope you have all seen the new Christmas video called #LIGHTtheWORLD. if not, stop reading this and go look it up. Seriously. It's fire. We have been out in the streets contacting this week and we have been able to share the video and talk a little bit about the acts of service that we can do. I honestly am so hyped to start this puppy up! The members are all on board, the mission, the whole world is gonna be lit up with the light of Christ! So I invite all of you to give your all this Christmas season and light the world with the light of Christ! This is going to be a memorable Christmas if we do it right, I mean there is a freaking giant billboard in NYC's TIMES SQUARE so that means it's super important. It's gonna be a SOLID CHRISTMAS SEASON FOLKS! 

That was my week. Oh and this morning I got in a fight with a grizzly bear and he scratched my forehead really bad! Haha actually it was just the clip on my name tag. It looks bad and kinda stings but I should live. Maybe people will want to talk to me and ask me what happened and I'll get more references! Haha ;) but I'm so happy. And today for p-day we went bowling as B9 and B3 missionaries!! Good stuff :) I love thanksgiving and Christmas so much! I hope you all had a great week and get into the Christmas spirit this coming week :) LOVE YOU ALL!! 

Con Amor,

Elder Brady Smith 

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