Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fresh like Lettuce


To be completely honest, I don't like halloween that much haha. Its
better at home with family and friends but on the mission its not too
bad either! I remember last year with Elder Peña celebrating halloween
:) i miss that guy. But HELLO to everyone! It wasn't too bad of a
week! Just more work as usual! Elder Jones and I are currently in our
11th week together and that means that next week will be the last week
of transfers! Sooooo anything could happen. We are happy together and
working hard so whatever the change brings, we will roll with it! Here
is a bit about the week :)

I'll just start out with the most eventful thing this week, we had
intercambios with the other B3 Elders and i went with my buddy Elder
Liptrott from England! This guy is a stud. We both got to B3 at the
same time and so we know each other really well. He came with me and
we had a fun day talking and contacting. Basically that was all we did
because we didn't have many lessons set up but we made it fun. We
taught our investigator Nancy about the 10 Commandments and we turned
to Mosiah in her Book of Mormon to read them and they were already
highlighted! So she is doing a really good job of keeping up on her
reading. Then we visited our friends Raul and Nancy who always feed us
like 2 times a week. It was a solid day and a nice little break to
learn from someone else! We stayed up late that night doing some
quality pillow talking haha i love elder Liptrott!

We taught our friend Mike again this Friday and he is doing good. He
has desires to learn more and keeps on praying and reading the
scriptures! He hasn't come to church yet though so that's what we are
focusing on with him. We taught him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ
which talks about the necessary things we need to do to return to live
with our Heavenly Father again. I love talking about the gospel
because it just makes sense. We have been talking to a lot of people
lately on the streets and they just aren't happy because they don't
have what we do! I am so grateful for all the missionaries in the
world spreading the happiness that we as members of the church have.
But Mike said he would come to church this week. Every time we leave
from the lessons with him he always says "Later Skaters" and winks
hahaha he's a character.

I was contacting this week and started talking to some older Spanish
lady and right when I asked her how her morning was going, she made
eye contact with me and started to sprint away haha. I guess she
really didn't want to talk to me. Elder Jones and I got a good laugh.

We came up with a new little lesson on the importance of the
scriptures and have been sharing it with the members when we eat with
them. We give them each a sheet of paper and 2 minutes to write down
their last words to a loved one, as if it was their last little bit of
advice for that person or group of people. They really put good effort
into it which makes the lesson so much more effective! Then we gather
up all the papers, ask them who they wrote to and why, and then we rip
them up into little pieces right in front of their faces. It comes
across very harsh, i even had a lady start screaming when i did it on
Wednesday haha. Then we relate it to the words of the prophets in the
scriptures, that they wrote the scriptures as their last little bit of
advice for us! And when we don't read the scriptures, we are
disregarding everything that they did for us, all the sacrifice that
it required on their part. Every member that we have shared it with
has committed to reading their scriptures more and sharing them with a
close friend :) super good idea.

Last bit of good news i have this week... one of our investigators has
been waiting for the marriage papers to go through and they finally
did!! Friday is the big day for her and her husband! So we are
throwing her a party that night and then within the next few weeks she
should be baptized! And her son is one of the priests in the ward who
blesses the sacrament so he is planning on baptizing her :) we are
super excited! Her name is Elena so feel free to pray for her and hope
everything goes smoothly!

I love you all and thanks for reading this far! Have a great week and
stay safe on this 👻SPOOKY HALLOWEEN HOLIDAY 👻

Con Amor,
eLdEr sMiTh

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