Tuesday, December 27, 2016

I'm headed NORTH literally!!


I hope everyone had the most wonderful, marvelous, and fantastic Christmas of all time! Mine was really great, I'm happy i was able to be here in B3 with such wonderful missionaries and members to help me celebrate!! Well like I said, transfers were this week and I'm headed north! Like the farthest north that our mission has! My new area is called El Ferrol and its right above A Coruña :) I'm so excited I can hardly stand it! The only thing I really wanted from transfers was to get far away from Madrid and serve on the coast. And I got both of those things, so Heavenly Father must really love me!! Also, elder Morris is serving in A Coruña so we are definitely going to be doing an intercambio and partying it up! My new companion is named Elder Simmons and he's only been out 2 transfers, so I'll be Greenie Breaking again haha :) my new district is just 2 elders and 2 Hermanas so it should be a hoot. My train leaves tomorrow morning at 9 AM and it'll be a good 7 hours to Coruña and then another hour by bus! Wish me luck and I'll send more updates next week. Now more about my last week in B3!

So on Sunday, we gave the priesthood to Carlitos, the 14 year old son of the Honduras family. THAT WAS LIKE THE COOLEST THING OF MY WHOLE MISSION! It felt like all our hard work paid off, and he is really excited to prepare and bless the sacrament for the first time next week. I'm amazed at the change I have seen in that family, I would even consider them my own! They are so awesome and I’m really gonna miss them. It's just gonna be a matter of time before the mom and youngest son get baptized then they can get ready for the temple :) it was a good way to go out with them! 

On Christmas Eve, we went out with the goal of giving Books of Mormon as gifts and for the first 15-20ish minutes or so, we got nothing but hard core rejections. So I decided to pray, ask Heavenly Father to soften the hearts of the people, and let us do our work. Literally 2 seconds after I said amen, I gave the first Book of Mormon of the day to a guy named Freddy from Bolivia and he gave me his number too! After that first initial Book of Mormon, we ended up giving out a total of 21 Books of Mormon and got 7 references!! It was a Christmas miracle! I was so happy and elder Johnson was giddy! But we were so happy that he listened to our prayers and helped us achieve our goal. 

If you know anything about my family's Christmas traditions, you know that we write "I love you because" notes every year. When I read mine this year, I just sat on the couch and cried of happiness!! I am so blessed to have the amazing family and friends that I do. So thanks mom and dad and sissys!! You guys are the BEST :) so good to see your faces on Skype :) I cherish all of our friendships and memories and I'm really excited to see you all in a few months :) but as for now, the people need me here and I need them too! I'm gonna miss B3 like crazy, more than I thought actually but I'm really excited for Ferrol. It's gonna be a good few rainy transfers :) 

Okey dokey that's all I got! The rest of the week just consisted of good byes and contacting and failed lessons. But the area will be left in good hands :) I love you all, I hope you have a great week and you'll be hearing from me soon!! HAPPY NEW YEAR :) 🇪🇸😊

Con amor,
Elder brady smith 

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