Monday, December 5, 2016

The worst email of my mission.... I'm sorry!


I have like no time haha i am so sorry. But to be honest, not that
much happened this week. Twas a bit slow. But I’m still happy and
things are plugging along :) here is what happened!

We are going really hard with all the new Christmas stuff. Last night
we went to a big Christmas concert at the temple and took a few less
actives and investigators with us! They really seemed to enjoy it :)
they turned all the lights on at the Madrid temple too and it was
almost as good as the Salt Lake temple! Sorry but nothing compares to
salt lake but it was pretty good i guess :) we are really hitting the
streets with the #ILUMINAelMUNDO campaign and showing lots of people
the video. It has gotten us a good amount of references so we are
excited about that!

We met up with a few people this week like Raul and Nancy, Elena,
Erik, Daniel the Dominican, the Madrid's from Honduras, and various
others. I am so happy to see the gospel changing these people’s lives.
Seriously i don’t know what i would do without it. It brings me so much
happiness and i just can’t even describe it. I am grateful for the
chance i have to be a missionary, and with it being Christmas time, it
just makes everything that much better!! Keep on doing all your acts
of service and i can promise you that you will see results!

I have no more time and can't think of anything else cool that
happened. This is definitely the most lame email of my whole mission.
I got super sick last night and only slept about a total of 2 1/2
hours haha so that wasn't fun :/ things are great, we have
intercambios this week and the temple and our Christmas party/zone
conference the next! So next Monday i won’t be emailing but it will be
Wednesday instead and i promise i will have a lot more updates for you
guys then :)

FANTASTIC WEEK :) keep on getting into the Christmas spirit! I'll be
skyping with my family in just 20 short days WOOO HOOO :))

Con Amor,

P.s. I seriously am sorry for the short crappy email... i feel bad.
But next week's will make up for it :) so if i didn't respond to you
personally, next week i will for sure!

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