Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Gabe N Me on Intercambios today!!

¡ Bon Día !

Well another fun week has come and gone :) we are currently in Coruña just hanging out for a bit and we just finished balling out on the court. later today and tomorrow I'll be on an intercambio with GABE :) should be a fun time. I can finally say I've had a best friend as a (temporary) companion haha! But anyways here's the week :)

So I feel like now is the time to explain Antonio the Spaniard. haha. He is a guy we found on the street and we showed him the #iluminaelmundo video. He said it "woke him up" and then he came to meet with us in the church. The first lesson, he was crying a lot and telling us about his beliefs in Jesus Christ and how he wants to change his life. It was a bit weird, we weren't exactly expecting it but it was awesome. Then we taught him the restoration and he really enjoyed it, and this past week we taught the plan of salvation. We invited our branch president to accompany us and it was such a spiritual lesson! We invited him to be baptized and he said no for the moment, but he does want to keep finding out more about our church. The dude has come to church the last 2 sundays in a row and has read the first 70ish pages of the Book of Mormon! So we are hoping things go well with him and that he can continue doing his part to receive an answer! Please pray for him!! 

The people we visited last week from Uruguay are doing a lot better this week! Milka, the daughter, said that the doctors told her that she only had 1 week of treatment left because she started to heal so quickly! She called me and told me the news and then expressed thanks for the priesthood blessing and to thank my mom for her advice as well :) it was such a miracle! It seriously is so amazing to see the priesthood work wonders in the lives of our brothers and sisters. God gave it to us to use and bless other people's lives and this week I saw those blessings first hand!! Thank you all for the prayers on their behalf and thanks mom for being a radiation therapist!! 

Other interesting things that happened this week were...

·         I met the first Satan worshipper of my mission... that was a bit scary
·         We had 1 or more eating appointments every day of the week last week :)
·         We knocked on maybe 500 doors last week and only received 1 "come back later" hahahaha
·         I cut Elder Morris and 2 other elders hair this morning and they all look really good. I'm pro. 
·         It rained about every single day of the week :) I actually liked it. Good old Galicia.

Other than that, not too much fun stuff happened! Another normal week in Ferrol :) I'm happy and loving it, as usual. Attitude is everything up here, that's something I'm really trying to work on. Sometimes we have a completely open morning or afternoon with no appointments set up which means a lot of finding time. We get lots of rejections but it makes it worth it when we find the one! When we keep in mind that we are finding the one person who is prepared, it makes it a lot more fun :) I hope you all have a wonderful week and look for opportunities to share the gospel with those around you. I'll have a better report la semana que viene 😝 LOVE y'all!  

Con amor (y un besiño hehe),
Elder smith

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