Monday, January 23, 2017

Oingo Boingo and Miracles

Fam n fans,

Hello :) hope y'all are swell. I'm dandy in Ferrol. Actually more than
dandy haha!! This week was insanely great!! For starters, me and elder
Morris had our intercambio and that was super fun. We had a good mix
of teaching mixed with contacting which keeps things interesting! At
night we stayed up late just chatting about life and it was nice to
finally pillow talk with someone who knows the same people as me!! It
makes the stories wayyyy better!! On Tuesday we visited a guy named
José Miguel I think and he lives out in a little pueblo called
Betanzos which is the old capital of Galicia! It was insanely pretty
and elder morris are gonna move there some day and be old Spanish
neighbors :) that was a definite highlight of the week!! But there's
some more for you guys so keep reading!

I'm just gonna start out with the greatest news of the week... we
started teaching a new little family from Cuba!! They are easily the
most humble people of all time and the best part?!?! They were a
MEMBER REFERENCE!!! We have been praying and fasting for member help
with the work here because contacting and door knocking just isn't
effective. Anyways, we went over to their house on Saturday for the
first time and taught the restoration. They loved it and when we got
to the part about the visit of Jesus Christ to the Americas, all they
said was that it makes perfect sense that God would send his son to
ALL parts of the world instead of just Jerusalem. Other than the
member we invited butchering the explanation of the Book of Mormon,
things were sooo smooth! They accepted a baptismal invitation for when
they come to know that the church is true :) only the dad came to
church yesterday because the rest of the family was sick but they are
so awesome. SUCH A MIRACLE HOLY COW!! Please pray for them and keep in
mind all you members of the church... member references are soooooo
money :)

Another crazy story... we have passed this guy in the street like 2 or
3 times and we have always felt impressed to talk to him but never did
until one time he was like "hey elders!" And so we asked him for his
info but he kept walking and said he would come to the church. We saw
him again a few days later (Friday), AND WE FORGOT TO ASK FOR HIS
NAME! We were beating ourselves up for it all day long and when we got
home, we immediately got on our knees and asked Heavenly Father to
give us one more chance to see this man. The following day (Saturday)
while we were walking home from sports, we saw him! Such clutch timing
from the big man upstairs :) literally one day after saying a prayer
and asking for another chance, he gave it to us. Turns out that the
guy was baptized in Venezuela and has been looking for the church in
Ferrol for a few months! We got his name (Peter) and number and are
gonna meet up with him tomorrow to see how things are going :) SUCH A

Well, that's all the time I have this week. Lots of other cool stuff
happened but I'll save those stories for when I get home. To explain
the first part of the title, we saw an old Oingo Boingo music video
playing in a bar this week and I couldn't help but laugh and think
about when my dad would blast oingo boingo in the car or all
throughout the house :) such quality music! Hahaha! And this week we
will be headed to Vigo for a zone conference, the world wide
missionary broadcast, and interviews with president! I'm super excited
to be spiritually filled and see some more of this beautiful country
:) I seriously am so blessed and grateful for all that my father in
Heaven has given me. Being a missionary is truly the greatest thing of
all time. I love you all and I love the Lord! Thanks for being the
best fans in the whole world! Talk to you all soon and have a
fantastic week :)

Con amor,
Elder braids

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