Monday, February 27, 2017

A Phenomenal Week :)

Hola buenas¡¡¡¡

THIS WEEK WAS SO BOSS HOLY COW i never wanna come home! Just kidding,
it'll be good to come home but I'm really gonna miss it out here. I
swear each week gets better and better in Ferrol. It's got a real
special place in my heart that's for sure :) I'm just gonna get
straight to it this week, enough with the childs play!! Haha!! Oh but
before I forget, we played fútbol today and I nailed one of the
hermanas and one of the young women right in the face with the soccer
ball! I've still got aim haha just like with all those snowballs that
I've launched through neighbors moving car windows!! Just goes to show
that I'm athletically gifted 😜😇

Probably the best news of the week... ROBERT GOT BAPTIZED :):):) man
was it a glorious day. Of all the people I've seen baptized on my
mission, I think Robert has the craziest and coolest story. And that's
saying a lot because the others were insane too! Something that they
all have in common though is the sacrifices they had to make and the
change that the gospel has brought into their lives. Anyways, Robert
looked sooooo good dressed in all white. He was a little nervous and
said he had some butterflies in his stomach but when he came up out of
the water, they were all gone! He gave me the biggest wet hug and was
smiling sooo big. I wish you all coulda seen it. His cousin Reyes gave
a great talk about the Holy Ghost and explained Robert's story and how
he actually got to Spain and the process of the baptism. It's honestly
amazing and I have no doubt that God had his hand in the process of
Robert's conversion, every step of the way. He has blessed my life so
much and I am glad I'll have a friend in him until I die and even in
the next life! On Sunday he got confirmed and he gave us another big
hug and it was so great. I really do love Robert and am so happy for
his decision. Not only is it going to be a blessing for him, but for
his whole family!! This is just the beginning of his long process back
home to live with Heavenly Father :) as long as he keeps HOLD(ing)
FAST, he should be just fine :) ahhhh it was a grand weekend!!

The mission tour was so good too! Elder Soares is a machine! I love
Brazilians! He talked a lot about repentance, knowing our purpose, and
having a vision of where we want to be as individuals, a mission, and
with the work. We also had a smaller leadership council thingy with
him and he talked to us about being leaders and examples and how if we
don't follow the rules, other missionaries won't either. He pumped us
all up so much and me especially! It was a great couple of hours with
him and nice to receive some good old fashioned heaven sent revelation
:) not to mention that it was also fun to see old companions and
mission buddies and do some quality pillow talking! The temple was
sweet too :) I got a surprise visit from my favorite family in B3
which was sooooo yawesome!! However, we did have to take an 11 hour
red eye train ride back to Coruña which wasn't the funniest thing I've
ever done :( we were told we had beds but when we found our seats,
they were normal chairs. I think I got a grand total of 20 minutes of
sleep that night hahaha I hope I never have to do that again! But it
didn't ruin the experience of the mission tour of course, it just
added more memories :)

One of the young men in the branch got his mission call this week to
the Scotland/Ireland mission and his 2 older brothers are both coming
home from their missions in Utah and Texas in 2 weeks! There is no
better feeling than receiving your mission call or watching someone
else get theirs 😊 just thinking about how fast the time flies is

insane. It feels like yesterday that I was opening up that envelope in
front of my fireplace and being surrounded by all of my loved ones and
now I'm in the final months of this journey that has changed my life
so much! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I've had to serve
in the Spain Madrid Mission. It truly is the best mission in the world
in every aspect! I know for a fact that the Lord called me here not
only to find people to teach, but to learn about how I want the rest
of my life to be and most importantly, how to love everyone
unconditionally just as He does with us.

Well, things here are great :) Our Cuban family now has a baptismal
date for the 18th of March which is the last week of the transfer.
They're doing awesome and progressing really well! Ferrol is so I'm honestly loving every second! I hope you all have a
splendid week and I'll be back typing you all an email on my iPad
before you know it :) LOVE TO ALL😎

Con amor,
Elder Braids

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