Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Priesthood POWER

Que pasa mi familia :') 

This week I realized that I have officially finished my hermana mission 😳 that means that I've been out for 18 months hahaha but HOLY COW 18 MONTHS?!?! where has the time gone?!?! Crazy stuff. We are currently in Madrid for our mission tour with Elder Ulysses Soares and it's gonna be so awesome :) all of the north is getting together with him tomorrow and we are gonna receive some real good instruction and have fun seeing old friends too! (Mainly elder kiser, elder jones, and my grandson) Wednesday we take the overnight train back to Ferrol :) should be fun trying to sleep on a train hahaha. But this week was insane. You're all gonna flip. 

Robert didn't get baptized this Sunday :( he actually has a really good story why. Thursday night, he started getting really bad stomach cramps and tried to sleep it off but by Friday morning he was feeling so lousy that his cousin called us to come over and give him a blessing. They took him to the hospital and told him that he would probably need to have an additional 12 inches taken off of his large intestine (keep in mind that he already had 14 inches taken out in the United States) and that would obviously put him at his 30th major surgery. With all the drugs that they were giving him and what not, he was not doing good. So yesterday, he decided he was done and left the hospital against medical recommendation haha. After all, it was just an infection and nothing too serious. He will probably have it operated on when he gets home or later this fall. Robert is such a beast. We saw him yesterday before we went to Coruña and he seemed to be doing mucho mejor. He looked so much better than when he did in his hospital bed. We had a good chat about life and why God gives us trials. Something I've learned from Robert is that attitude is todo. This guy has seriously passed through everything and then some and still he trusts God so much. Its inspiring :) the first day when we got to the hospital, he looked right at us and said "don't even think that this is keeping me from getting baptized!" Such a beast. So this Saturday, if everything goes smoothly, he will be baptized :) please keep him in your prayers and that everything works out according to God's will! 

Another cool story... so one of the hermanas investigators was really sick and she wanted a blessing too. So, we went over and gave her a blessing and i honestly remember nothing of what i said but when we finished the hermanas and the investigator were all crying cuz spirit :) I had no idea but the Hermanas had gone over like the week before and done a lesson about setting goals and after the blessing, the investigator asked the hermanas if they had told me about her personal goals and they said no. Apparently during the blessing I mentioned a bunch of her goals and how they were going to be accomplished :) I don't remember anything I said but it just strengthened my testimony even more about priesthood power and the role of the Holy Ghost :) it was an awesome experience! 

We found 3 new investigators this week and 2 of them came to church! It was a good feeling to see them walk into sacrament meeting and be greeted by all the members :) I honestly love Ferrol. The people here are so great and happy all the time! I would not mind ending my mission here haha. Our branch president and mission leader are super happy with all the work that we have been doing here. It's all finally paying off and people are excited about the missionary work :) 

We are headed to the temple tonight as part of p-day and we tried to go golfing at some sick driving range today too but it was under construction :/ We just mobbed around instead in Sol and partied :) Can I just say how awesome and weird it is to be back in Madrid for a little bit?! I really miss it down here!! It will always be home that's for sure :) Well, that's all I got for this week :) I love and miss you all. This is all I'll give you another update next week!!! CHAO FAM BAM :):):) 

Con amor,
Elder esmeeeef

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