Monday, October 3, 2016

Me desmayé :)

Hey Guy! (that's for GHam)

Holy schnikes it's been a crazy week. Keep reading more and you'll
find out hahaha. I think the best way to describe the events that
happened would be day by day so I'm gonna switch up the format a bit
:) here goes nothin!

Monday - It was p-day so we went to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet
with a couple other elders. The food was not good and super over
priced haha. (Bad decision) Later that night, we had a meeting for
trainers and trainees just to see how things were going in the first
transfer together. President and Hermana Pack were there and gave us a
lot of good ideas on how to make our studies more meaningful and
stuff. The greatest part was when president pulled elder jones and I
aside and told us how proud of us he was for all our hard work we have
been putting in. Can I just say that there is no better feeling than
your mission president saying that?! We were so pumped. So that was a
good way to end the day :)

Tuesday - We had intercambios with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder
Gonzalez who is a 26 year old Spaniard. He's actually from my MTC
group so that was fun to chat with him. We went hard all day long,
every one of our lessons failed us except for 1 and the 1 lesson that
we did have, it was with 2 Dominicans and they ended up fighting with
each other. So it was kind of a crappy day for teaching but we did a
lot of contacting. We ate McDonald's for lunch (another bad decision)
and then started a fast with a member here in the ward so that she
could get a little extra help with some stuff that's going on in her
personal life. Overall not a bad day, but things are just getting

Wednesday - Elder jones woke up and did not feel good so he slept all
morning until district meeting. We went out to eat after at Domino's
(yet another bad decision) and then we had to cancel all our lessons
for that day because my poor comp couldn't even stand up straight
without moaning. He was sore, had a gnarly stomach ache, and wanted to
sleep. So we went back to the piso and he rested while I cleaned and
did laundry and made cookies and lots of other stuff. By this point,
he was going to the bathroom so much that he had lost about 7 pounds.
He couldn't keep anything down.

Thursday - At 1:30 A.M. I woke up to what I thought was someone being
beat to death with a baseball bat but it was just elder jones puking
his guts out. And that lasted for the next 9 or so hours. So I called
the other elders and they came over to help me give him a blessing and
then we called Hermana Pack and went to the pharmacy to get him some
medicine and they both told us to take him to the hospital. He
couldn't even keep a sip of water down. So we checked him in and
waited forever until the doctor could see us. Spanish hospitals are
the worst. It was seriously so bad waiting there all day.

So finally here comes the crowning event... they start to draw his
blood and asked me to come in and translate for elder jones. At first
it didn't really bug me because I've seen blood before, but by the
time they had taken like the 4th vile, I thought he was gonna die
because they took so much of his blood! So I looked away and then felt
like I immediately needed to throw up. I told him I was gonna go to
the bathroom but then I realized I wouldn't even be able to make it
half way there before it all came out and then everything went black
and all I remember saying is "puedo sentarme?" Turns out that I
fainted!!! Hahahahaha!! When I came to my senses, I was upside down on
a hospital bed and the nurses had taken off my tie and unbuttoned my
white shirt half way. Some lady was fanning me with a paper plate and
a nurse had my legs lifted up above my head hahaha!! Elder jones was
laughing and I asked what happened and then he said he caught me and
took my backpack off before I hit the ground! It was nuts. I've never
fainted before but that was quite the experience! It was a bit scary
but now I just look back at it and laugh because I'm sure I looked
pathetic. Hahahahaha 😂 I didn't know that blood bugged me so much

until now haha.

They ended up sending us home because elder jones didn't throw up a
cup of water for at least 15 minutes. He was hooked to an IV all day
so he was getting some good liquids flowing through him. So we dropped
him off in the piso with elder liptrott (from the other companionship
who was also sick) and elder Trassierra and I went to an appointment
with a member. When we got home, elder jones hadn't even come out of
the room and he ended up sleeping like 14 hours straight.

Friday - I woke up to elder jones singing in the shower so I assumed
he was feeling better. And he was :) we had 2 eating appointments that
day and he took it easy even though he wasn't 100%. That day we had
meetings in the church building and English classes so it was a lot
more relaxed.

Then CONFERENCE 😍 my favorite talk was by President Uchtdorf right at

the beginning. The plan of salvation really does bring so much light
into our lives. For me personally, I love knowing where I came from,
what I'm doing here, and where I'm going. It really is a plan of
happiness created by a loving Heavenly Father for his children. There
were a lot of great talks and I'm so happy to sustain our prophet, his
counselors, and the quorum of the 12 apostles :) this church is the
greatest thing to ever happen in the history of all history!!

So overall it was a pretty crazy week. We taught a total of 3 lessons
hahaha!! But don't worry, we are planning on making up for it big
time. Our Chinese investigator Dionisio is getting closer and closer
to baptism! We have to finish teaching him and have his interview then
he should be ready. He prays like a machine. This dude is so awesome
haha I love him! And elder jones is feeling a lot better. In the span
of 3 days, he ended up losing about 12 pounds. Being sick is no fun
and it's not fun to be a sicko's companion either but somehow we both
survived! He saved my life and I saved his! We're a good companionship
:) transfers are today but there weren't any changes in our district
so it was pretty normal. We are anxious to get back on our feet this
week and keep spreading this wonderful gospel!

Sorry it's a long email but I hope you enjoyed a detailed report of la
semana :) don't eat in all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants or
McDonald's and you should be alright haha :) have a great week
everyone!! Love you all!

Con Amor,
Elder Brady Smith

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