Thursday, October 20, 2016


Hello familia :) 

Well we went to the temple this morning which was a wonderful experience as usual :) I don't have much time today but there were a few cool points to the long work week so here they are!!

  • So Dionisio passed his baptismal interview but we decided to put his baptism off so he can come to church a few more times before he gets baptized. He understands pretty much everything really well but he doesn't quite get how important it is to come every Sunday. So he will be baptized soon, we just gotta get him to come a few more times and then we will be golden! :) 

  • We got permission to teach our friend Erik this week and he keeps telling us how he wants to be baptized! He's that 10 year old kid who has a bunch of friends in the church so he's basically just waiting to be finished teaching. He's super excited and so are we!

  • Nancy, our other investigator from Venezuela came to church again and has a baptismal date for the 5th of November! Little by little with her, she lives with her daughter and has some problems but really likes to listen to our messages. She's a really sweet lady and gets along so well with all the members here! 

  • We picked up a new guy this week too named Mike S. who is from New Zealand! He speaks English but his parents are Spanish. He really wants to be a comedian in the United States so he always practices his material on us hahaha. It's so funny. We taught him the restoration a few days ago and he was so intrigued the whole time! We have another lesson set up with him tomorrow :)

As you all can see, things are going good! It wasn't too weird or strange of a week, but just a normal hard working one :) we had interviews with president which went great, we are preparing a dance for the Nations party we will have as a ward on Saturday (as Americans, we decided to do the napoleon dynamite dance haha), and we had a dope zone conference about reaching every part of our area! It was a good week. I feel like this summary was a little crappy but hopefully it works :) 

Well I love you all, I love the church, I love the Book of Mormon, I love Spain, and I love my Heavenly Father :) TALK TO Y'ALL ON MONDAY CHAVALES :) oh and I have the best mother in the whole world because she sent me HOMEMADE CARAMEL CORN THIS WEEK 😍

Con Amor,
Elder Smith 

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