Monday, March 20, 2017

Yasiel Puig and bradyx2 and ferrolin'

Dearest family n homies,

This email will not even come close to describing how happy i am right
now. Words don't describe stuff like this haha. I AM SO SO SO SO SO
later but just know that things are great and I'm loving every second.
This week was definitely one of the best of my mission :)

First and foremost, the Cuban fam was baptized and confirmed this
weekend!!! We had so much support from the branch and it was a
beautiful baptism! I was asking them how they felt after they had
changed their clothes and the mom was smiling ear to ear and said "I'm
Clean!" Haha it was so awesome! And the dad and son just kept saying
"that was so special" ha so I guess you could say it was a great day
:) then on Sunday they were confirmed and had us over to eat yesterday
after church! I still vividly remember receiving their reference and
being told by the member and branch president to go visit them and now
they are members and inviting the elders over to eat!! It was a very
tender weekend for them and me, and they are some of the most amazing
people I have ever met!! This is just the beginning though and they
are excited to keep moving forward :)

2 of the missionaries who were serving from the branch got home this
week from the Utah SLC South mission and Texas Houston South mission.
They are insanely good kids and I know just by the way that they act
that they were incredible missionaries. They hadn't even been released
yet and they already received callings in the branch! They are going
to help the missionary work in Ferrol grow so much and things are
going to get crazy good with their help. It was fun to see and
interact with them and see them try and make the mission life to home
life transition. Crazy to think that pretty soon that'll be me.... I
don't like to think about that hahaha.

We had intercambios this week with the Coru帽a elders and they were so
much fun! I went with my boy elder Scott and we had a blast. We met
some of the coolest people in the street and got their references and
they have already started to teach them! I love Coru帽a so much 馃槱 if I

had to describe it I would say it's like Madrid with ocean and no
metro. And the people are sooooooo receptive there. It's a great place
to serve and see the Lord work miracles!! I love Galicia so much....
I'd definitely consider living there when I'm an old retired
millionaire ;)

Now on to the crazy stuff.... remember how I said transfers were this
week? Well on Saturday morning when my alarm went off, my head popped
off my pillow and I had 3 ideal situations run through my head. They
were 1. Stay in Ferrol cuz I love it there 2. Get sent to the islands
and finish my mission there 3. Get sent to Le贸n with my boy elder
kiser and tear it up together. So later that morning, I see the phone
ringing and it's a call from president. Situation #3 pops back in my
head and I answer the phone, and then President tells me I'm going to
Le贸n with the one and only... elder BRADY kiser!!! Hahaha I was
flipping out sooooooo hard!! I couldn't contain the adrenaline and
burst of happiness! Dreams really do come true! I've always wanted to
serve in Le贸n (since my first transfer in the field) and now I get to
do it with my best friend as a companion!! Hahaha we are seriously
sooooo excited it's not even funny. Hugging him this morning after I
got off my 6 hour train ride was like the greatest thing known to
womankind. So, stay tuned for more info on what's about to go down in
Le贸n 馃

I am really going to miss Ferrol. I can honestly say I gave it
everything that I had and I know that the Lord is proud of the work
that I accomplished there. It's such a good feeling to look back and
see all the progress that you have made :) I love the members, city,
our converts, and the overall Galicia experience! It's been a very
quick 2 transfers but I learned a lot. I'm excited to get going in
Le贸n and have some cool stories to share la pr贸xima semana :) the
church is true, the book is blue, and I'm about to party with
boo(kiser). i love you all, thanks for the support and keep being
wonderful. Peace. 馃

Con amor y un besi帽o,
Elder b.c. Smith

1. Last f煤tbol session with my homies :)
2. Mam谩 Reyes and Ruth! I'm gonna miss them :(
3. Ra煤l Sr., Yaniet, and Ra煤l Jr. at their baptism!!!
4. The whole Alfonso Family together! One of the sons served with
Elder Smedley in Texas!
5. My favorite little Cubans :)
6. Last noche de hogar with the j贸venes
7. Let the chaos begin 馃槇 gonna be a fun transfer

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