Monday, June 5, 2017

"Dios es Guapo" y El Flow Celestial


I have like no time today... we have been balling in the sun and I'm
super burnt hahaha plus this week wasn't too crazy but there is some
cool stuff I want to talk about!!

Sooooo.... after a long week of not being able to meet with Iris... we
saw her yesterday and she explained some of her doubts and we talked
about them. Al final, she decided she wanted to be baptized this
coming Sunday the 11th. So we were hyped and made a plan to teach her
all the lessons and get her interview all squared away. Well this
morning when I woke up, I saw a text on my phone from her that said
she decided not to be baptized after all this week :/ Satan is working
overtime on her. I know she will be baptized at some point, it just
might not be as soon as we would like. Hopefully I'm here for it
though!! On the other hand, Lina is looking really good still and she
should be baptized this Sunday! We've been working really hard with
her and she decided that the time has come to make he commitment! So
she will be having her interview tomorrow and then we will make all
the arrangements this week :) pray for us please que todo nos vaya
bien!!! 🙏🏼

On Friday I was able to do my first baptismal interview of my whole
mission and it was AWESOME! The lady is from Oviedo and is such a
sweet spirit. She was really nervous but she passed the interview with
flying colors and as soon as I told her that I had good news... she
started crying :) it was so sweet. I love people who understand the
gospel and really want to make changes to align their lives with the
teachings of Christ. The elect, people. They're out there!! D&C 29:7.

The ÚLTIMA SEMANA CON BOO BABY KISE PUP has arrived 😿 pretty sad tbh.

Literally this kid is my brother. We have worked hard in León and
tried our best to help the missionaries in the zone grow as well as
putting in the hours in our own area.  I'm really gonna miss him, but
we will be mobbing after the mission a lot so I'm not too worried. But
being mission comps definitely sealed the deal to be lifelong homies
:') all good things come to an end, am I right?

A couple of shout outs to finish off this week's edition of elder
smith's mission letter... happy birthday grandpa Smedley today and MY
BFF tHam is officially in the last week of his mission!! I love you
chaval, go hard until the very end! And I'll see you soon 🤓 

Thanks for reading this week, I'll be back soon! Don't miss me
too much :):):)

Con amor,
Elder smith

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