Monday, June 12, 2017

I like you plenty plenty

Hola Buenas :) 

This week was freaking crazy!! I'm getting straight into it cuz not much time to write but it was such a good week. Elder Kiser is officially gone!! It was a sad drop off at the station this morning... it literally feels like yesterday he was picking me up!! He headed off to Parla which is a little pueblo of Madrid. Only 12 weeks without him then we will be hanging after the mission :) my new (and last 😐) companion is named Elder Palacios and he is from Peru! So basically I started my mission off with a Peruvian and I'm gonna end it with another! He's a really good kid, has been out for like 10 months and has lots of ganas to work! We will be going hard right up until the very end!! When I get more info on him I'll share :) but the coolest thing of the week es lo siguiente... 

LINA GOT BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!! Literally elder kiser and I have been praying ever since we got together that we could have a baptism together and it happened on the last day of the transfer. Out with a bang if you ask me :) she passed her interview this Wednesday and then we were running around like crazy getting everything ready for transfers, intercambios, and the baptism! It turned out great and the spirit was strong. Her mom and brother came and they loved it! The members treated them so well. I wanted to share just a few of my thoughts about how we found Lina and how much change I've seen in her in the past few weeks...

So. The whole Lina story started back on April 17th. We were walking back from a part of León called "El Crucero" and I see this chaval on a bridge with a cool looking shirt and I stopped him and asked where he bought it and he pointed to a big shopping mall and said over there. Then I was like "Hey! I've been looking for a mall for a while!" He offered to take us over there right then but we said a different day would be better. So we got his number and decided to play some fútbol with him. Well, after like a ton of weeks calling him and inviting him to come play with us on saturdays, he finally shows up :) and he brought his sister too!! We showed them the capilla and gave them both a Book of Mormon and like 5 days later we found out that the sister had read like 150+ pages in the book!! So we were like dang this girl is for real. Long story short, the chaval we contacted was Diego and his sister was Lina who just got baptized :) it's the first time in my mission that I've found someone off the street and baptized them, all the others have been member references but it was definitely a fun experience to take Lina through the whole baptismal process! She should be confirmed next week and we are still working with Diego and their mom too, so good things will be coming in the near future with them!! 🙂🙂 now you all know how the story began and ended. Kinda cool huh?! 

Well that's about all I got for today, I'm tired of typing and my emotions are all over the place. Today is the first day of my last transfer in the mission!! I literally blinked and the time passed faster than the speed of light. things are great, the church is true, and I'm so blessed to be a representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I love him and I love this work, I know it's true and I am so glad for all the experiences I've had in the mission field. Hay que perseverar hasta el fin and that's exactly what I'm gonna do!! I love you all, and happy early birthday shout out to CRAIGER/SNAKES/OLD MAN this Friday! How old are you turning now? 87?! 😉 just kidding... love you!! Thanks for reading this week's edition... talk to you all soon!! 

Con amor,
Elder b. Smith 

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