Tuesday, June 20, 2017

¡Que no soy Laura!

Whats up Fam!!

Happy Late Father's Day to all you super cool dudes in the world who
have kids and to all the future dads too :) it's good to be a man.
This week was pretty good, not a whole lot to contar but there were
some highlights!

Lina got confirmed yesterday!! Woo HOO!! She's officially a member of
the church and she is very excited to start this new journey in her
life. I often think of how we found her and the whole process she went
through and it just motivates me even more to open my mouth and talk
with everyone! who knows when the Lord will put another prepared
person in our path :) we did manage to find some cool new people this
week so hopefully we can meet up with them and get them on the road to
salvation! 🤠

Another cool thing from yesterday was that the young women invited us
to their class and asked us to share our thoughts about the priesthood
and how it's blessed our lives. I literally felt like I was talking to
kenna and Ellie haha!! But they were just amazed and so grateful for
the influence of worthy priesthood holders in their lives. I shared a
lot of experiences about Dad and how he taught me my whole life how to
live worthily of the priesthood and that he was always my role model!
Pretty fitting for Father's Day if you ask me ;) then my companion,
who is a convert of like 2 years, shared his thoughts and it was so
awesome to get 2 completely different views on it. One of the young
women said that when she sees us or her dad or any other man using his
priesthood power that we look like super heroes 🙂 that was a super

sweet comment that I'll never forget. Anyways, what I want to get
across with this story is that the priesthood has blessed my life in
so many ways and I have seen it bless so many other people's lives as
well. I'm grateful for my role models who have taught me how to use it
and respect it and I plan on doing the same some day with my little
chillins :) it's such a sacred power that changes lives when put to
good use!

We ran into a lot of people we have contacted in the street, old
investigators, and other friends this week which was super cool. We
had impressions all week of places to go and whenever we got there,
someone we had been looking for magically appeared :) we set up lots
of lessons and were able to offer service to a lot of our friends so
hopefully they realize that we really do want to help them! Lots of
little miracles are occurring these days in León 🦁

Elder Palacios is awesome. I love Peruvians :) he is one of the most,
or if not, the most diligent companion I've ever had and really wants
to succeed but is completely reliant on the Lord. He was baptized in
2014 and then entered the mission last August with my hijo so I've met
him before in various meetings. He is the only member in his family
and before the mission he was studying civil engineering! He likes to
cook and kinda forgets about the cleaning part but I have no problem
with that cuz he's doing me a favor by making food haha :) I have no
doubt that he is supposed to be my companion right now because I'm
learning a lot more from him than I'm sure he is learning from me
haha! But we make a good duo :) it was weird without elder kiser for a
few days but I think I'm finally adjusting. Miss my brother boo

That's about all I got folks! This week I've got my last Zone
Conference of the mission and I think my last interview with president
pack as well! Hard to believe that all the "lasts" are finally here. I
know this work is 100% guided by the Lord and he helps us every step
of the way when we are obedient, diligent, and faithful! I am
continuing to learn more about the Savior every day and I love him so
much. I hope everyone has a great week and stays safe wherever you
are!! Peace out BOiZ.

Com amor,
Élder Smith

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