Monday, June 12, 2017

Letter from Mike.....

This was an email we received from Mike Taylor who met Brady in Spain.  What a kind man to take time to email us.  Sounds like a wonderful experience.  I'd love to take the walk myself someday.....

Sorry this is coming to you a week later. My friend and I are walking the 500 miles Camino de Santiago I will include our blog at the end if you want to see it, where we referred to our Sunday in Leon seven days ago.

Mormon Church, which is a world wide church of 15 million members. Each individual congregation all over the world wether big or small meet each Sunday for sacrament and renewing our commitments to our savior, Jesus Christ. 

Last Sunday June 4th we attended a small branch in Leon where we meet in a small facility with approximately 50-60 active members, every chair was filled. 

As we arrived the branch secretary let us in, welcomed us and showed us where the chapel was located.  Everybody is friendly, but we could not understand them at all until the Elders and Sister showed up. They were incredibly helpful and explained to us who people were in the branch and what was going on. Later Elder Smith was our translator for the fast and testimony meeting. The spirit was very strong. 

The missionaries were Sister Robinson of St George and Sister Koeber of Highland Utah and Elder Smith of Bountiful and Elder Kiser of St George. They were fabulous. 

The branch had just baptized on Saturday a father of a family who were baptized a few weeks before and he was confirmed in the meeting. He later got up and bore his testimony about how thankful his family had found the gospel. Very sweet. 

They are darling, darling missionaries. All mom and dad should be incredibly proud of these missionaries serving the Lord's children in Spain. 

We took these pictures of them on our way out and we're so thankful that we had a chance to be in their branch today. You both have great young men, get ready for them coming home as touched by the Lord. 

M. Clark Taylor

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