Monday, May 15, 2017

A Danky Mother's Day


Well hello there to all my favorite people! I hope all the women in
the world had a great Mother's Day and all the missionary moms and
missionaries enjoyed their skype sessions as much as I enjoyed mine :)
I have the best mom ever. But probably the best part of the whole
skype was when dad said "im getting tired of being the only man around
here!" 🙂 I miss you too big guy :) Also... happy early birthday to

kenna on Wednesday!! 18 baby WOO HOO!! 😝 Live it up! Can't wait to

start college with you!! Thanks for being the best curly haired sister
ever!! I'm gonna try and keep it short and sweet today because I
chatted a lot yesterday with the fam.

So this past week we had a pretty good lesson with one of our
investigators named Iris. She is the girlfriend of this less active
kid who we are teaching and she is super interested. We shared the
story of Ammon in the Book of Mormon with her and she loved it and
then came to church for like the 3rd time and loved that too!! So we
are hoping to talk more often with her and the kid too so they can
start living the law of chastity lol and eventually get her baptized
and yeah! She's super awesome and is always so happy when we teach her
so hopefully things go well with that! Keep them in your prayers!!

On Friday the Hermanas baptized a little family of 3 people, a mom, 16
year old son, and a 9 year old girl and it was so beautiful! One of
the best baptismal services I've seen on my mission. They were so
reverent the whole time and really understood the magnitude of the
covenant that they were making with God. On Sunday, elder kiser and I
confirmed all 3 of them in church and that was a super sweet
experience to be a part of that! They will be a great addition to the
branch here and get put right to work :) also, my favorite family from
Talavera called me this week and told me that they are moving to
LEÓN!!! Eduardo, Tati, Mar, and Esther are all coming here at the end
of June!! They found work in one of the pueblos right outside of the
city so they will be here at the end of June :) I was flipping out
with excitement when they called me. They are literally exactly what
the branch needs right now, good families make all the difference in
the world! So things here in León are going bastante bien if you ask
me :)

Today for P-Day we went to elder kiser's home, Oviedo, and hiked to
the big Christ Statue that is there. It's similar to the one in Rio de
Janeiro but not anywhere near as big. I love northern Spain. It is
absolutely beautiful 😍 from Galicia to Asturias to Castilla y León,

it's just all sooooo pretty. I'm gonna miss it up here so much :(
humidity, green mountain ranges, cows, weather, cleanliness of the
cities, everything. You just can't beat a country like Spain!!

Hopefully that's short and sweet enough for you guys, I love you all!
I'm grateful for the time I have had as a full-time missionary of this
church and for the rest of the time I still have left! There's lots of
work to still be done, and I'm loving every second! Have a great

Con amor,
Elder Brady Smith

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