Monday, May 22, 2017

Caña Con Cariño #dingers


This week, the Lord's hand was EVERYWHERE to be found in the work here
in León!! It has been incredible to see the amount of prepared people
there are at this time. This was a great week full of miracles and
missionary work which seem to go pretty much hand in hand :) here's a
little bit about it!!

Coolest story first... we go over to teach Jefferson (less active kid)
and he was there with his girlfriend Iris (our investigator) and so we
decided to teach the restoration and it went soooooooo well, like
elder kiser and I taught with literally 100% unity. They invited us to
go back the next day and we taught the plan of salvation and law of
chastity together. At the end, we extended the baptismal invitation
and Iris was all for it!! So on the 10th of June.. if all goes well...
we should have a baptism!! We'll see though :) she has been to church
a bunch of times and loves the spirit she feels so hopefully we can
keep helping her!!

Next person... on intercambios a couple weeks ago, elder kiser
contacted this girl named Alejandra Feliz and when we got back to the
piso that night he goes "dude I just contacted our next baptism!" I
was like come on, she can't be that good!! I was wrong 🙃 we had our

first lesson with her this week and now she has a baptismal date too!!
She said that when she comes to know that these things are true, she
will do whatever it takes to follow the Savior. There are sooooo many
prepared peeps out there, we just gotta keep looking! But for sure she
was another miracle :)

And the last cool story... like my 2nd week here I contacted this 19
year old chaval named Diego from Colombia who loves to play soccer. So
I have been calling him every week to get him to come play with us on
Saturday mornings but he never came... until this past Saturday!!
Nobody else showed up except for him and right as we were about to
leave, he came up to us and said "hey! Remember me?" We were so
shocked he came!! then he introduced us to his sister named Lina who
is like the sweetest person I have ever met in my life. She asked why
we were here and as soon as we said the word missionaries, she turns
to Diego and goes "I told you yesterday that I wanted to find a
church!" CAN YOU SAY MIRACLE?!?! Holy cow!! So we whipped out 2 copies
of the Book of Mormon and explained it, gave them a tour of the
church, and invited them to come back the next day and they did! They
came to church!! Seeing them walk in was like the greatest feeling of
all time :) we met up with them yesterday and taught the restoration
and they loved it. Soooo basically God has been treating us really
well this week... and I'm so happy to be where I am surrounded by such
wonderful people!!

Other than that, not too much new stuff to report on. But the forecast
is starting to look pretty good over here in León (missionary work
wise and weather as well... it's starting to get hot!) 🦁 this week we

have Zone Conference so that means everyone will be coming down the
night before to sleep in our piso... things are gonna be crazy 😜 I'm

so happy here and loving life, I love each one of you and I'll see you
all soon! Peace 🏽

Con amor,
Elder esmit

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