Tuesday, May 30, 2017

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Que pasa chavales! 🦁

'Twas a good semana here in León :) I don't really wanna write too much today so we will see how this email turns out!! 

Everything is looking super good for our investigator Iris (less active Jefferson's girlfriend) to be baptized the 11th of June! She is a little scared but after having a few lessons with her this week, she has realized that she needs to put her faith into practice and trust in the Lord. We did a couple fun object lessons with her this week about following the prophets and even one about faith and she loved them! We have a few more lessons to teach this week then Saturday she will be having her baptismal interview! After that she'll be in the water 😉

Last week I wrote a bit about our new Colombian friends Diego and Lina... well they are doing awesome, especially Lina!! She is almost 22 years old one of, if not, the most prepared person I have ever seen/found on my mission! Last Saturday we met her for the first time, and 5 days later on Thursday, she had read 180 pages in the Book of Mormon!! We went zoinkers!!! We are talking to her about baptism too and so hopefully this week we get a date with her and then we can start teaching according to that :) her brother Diego is a bit rougher around the edges but he has a good heart and is a lot more spiritual than most 19 year old teenage boys in Spain. We also met the mom of the kids this week and that was good, she loves us and thanked us for helping get her kids on the right path. Hopefully we can get back and teach her again soon!! AND, they promised to make us a "Bandeja Paisa" which is a special Colombian plate that is literally to die for 😩 I love Colombians so much. 

On Thursday of this week, we had zone conference with the Pack's here in León! It's always good when they are in town :) Hermana Pack focused a lot on stress in the mission and talked about urgency. Too much stress is obviously not a good thing but just the right amount helps us to recognize that we have things to improve on and keeps us constantly moving. She gave a cool example that I found interesting... it was something like 

Me + More = Christ

when it really should be 

Me + Christ = More

Lots of times we think that when we do more, Christ comes. He asks us to all we can and then when we allow him to help us and take the other half of the load, we end up doing way more. I really liked that example that she did :) so yeah, Zone Conference was good! And I got my temple recommendation renewed from President which was cool too 🙃 

Another quick thing I noticed... after talking to some Spanish members yesterday, I realized how much they have gone through to get the church to where it is today. I am so grateful for their courageousness and desire to share the gospel even when their friends and family have completely disagreed with their decisions. Spain is such a great country. Literally the best in the whole world myyyyy goodnessssssss.

This week we have a couple of intercambios, district meetings, and baptismal interviews scheduled so it should be a busy but fun one! I am definitely being pushed right up until the end which is just what I wanted :) así que no complaints from me! Love you all, have a bacano week :):):) 

Con amor,
Elder braids 

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