Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Sobreviviendo like bosses


11 more of these bad boys then I'll be home with all of your beautiful
faces! So last week was transfers and I specifically didn't say
anything about it cuz I was worried that I would jinx it and get
separate from elder kiser... but things worked out and we got another
transfer together! We are super stoked :) this week was super good.

Honestly the highlight of last week was probably getting back in
contact with an old investigator who has been super busy working for a
while. We have been kinda sad about Julie still but when we found out
that Yessenia could meet again, it cheered us up a bit! So, Yessenia
is from Honduras and has 4 little kids and she almost got baptized in
her country! She even has a favorite hymn! But the lady she was taking
care of died (blessing in disguise) so her schedule just opened up
quite a bit :) 
we have another lesson with her tonight and we invited
our 2 best members so it should be awesome! We are really hoping to
get her and her family to church and involved with the members and
then get them to baptism :)

Friday we spent the day in Ponferrada and I went with elder tarver
from Montana :) we actually had a cool experience knocking doors... we
were passing by an old investigator and a guy named Luis answered and
my first impression of him was that he was high as a kite hahahaha.
The good herb was definitely being burned in his piso, but he loved
the prince of peace video and invited us to come back!! It was cool
because the elders in Ponferrada have been knocking doors every day
for the last transfer and haven't gotten a single reference until
then. Even if he was high, he was super nice and loved that we were
sharing a message about jesus!

The other funny thing about that intercambio was that elders kiser and
Moreno were out contacting and found a guy from Logan, Utah who served
his mission in Madrid 15 years ago! He was doing the Camino De
Santiago and promised himself that the first missionaries he saw, he
would take out to eat :) this guy was a hoot. He took us to mcdonalds
and we had a good chat! He had some of the craziest mission stories of
all time and it was super cool to meet him. It makes me miss Americans
when I talk to them haha. This guy ended up being the private pilot
for Real Salt Lake! Super fun experience.

That reminds me of another short story hahaha... one night before we
went into piso, we were finishing up our contacts after a lesson and
elder kiser stopped this lady from SLC!! she was like "no missionaries
ever stop me because I'm a sinner." So we started talking about our
beliefs and turns out.. she's been baptized but fell away from the
church because she thinks Joseph smith was a pedophile and a con
artist  and Brigham young was his "con-man". I was super sad when she
told me that 😭 its crazy what some people think. The Camino De

Santiago brings a lot of people through León wish lots of different
backgrounds and so it's fun to talk with them but in this case it was
just sad :(

Other than that, we are good! Happy as usual :) elder boo baby was a
little sick this weekend during transfers so that wasn't too fun. But
he's feeling better now and we have some super awesome new changes in
the zone! We are getting sister training leaders for the first time in
like over a year and the hermanas in León are now in a trio! Elder
Jones got transferred to Pontevedra (it's in Galicia, I'm super
jealous) and there were a few other things. But I'm super excited for
this transfer!! Can't believe how fast time is flying but I'm loving
every minute. I hope everyone has a great week, and I'll be skyping
soon!! Get ready momma!! :)

Love you all!  L8r 😎

Con amor,
Elder smith

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